WATCH: Woman’s Wild, Unexpected Encounter With Grizzly Bear Will Give You Chills

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Running into wildlife is a well-known factor when spending time outdoors enjoying activities such as camping or hiking. After all, these areas are home to wild animals big and small. However, it doesn’t matter how prepared you may actually be, it will never not be terrifying when encountering one of the larger types of wildlife in the great outdoors. Wildlife like a gigantic grizzly bear!

This is exactly what happened to one woman as she was enjoying some downtime at a “remote mountain lake” recently. This came as the woman who was relaxing in the great outdoors found herself a little closer to a grizzly bear than most people would ever be comfortable with.

@spiritnectar Such a crazy experience! 😨 #crystals #geology #bear #gems #naturevibes ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

In a recent video shared on social media, the woman documents her wild and unexpected encounter with a grizzly bear while both were out enjoying nature. It was a terrifying moment, no doubt. It’s no secret that grizzly bears are apex predators in their environments. However, this particular grizzly appears to be as chill as any grizzly can be. However, she soon had a front-row seat watching the bear enjoying its best life once the woman found her way to safety, putting quite a bit of distance between herself and the grizzly.

Woman Captures Wild Moment As One Grizzly Bear Is Enjoying Its Best Life

Initially, the woman doesn’t notice that this massive bear is even headed in her direction as she washes some crystals in the lake. However, the TikToker soon becomes keenly aware of the animal’s slow approach after someone warns her. A situation that is potentially bringing danger right along with it.

Sure, most people would probably panic in a situation such as this one. However, this TikToker responded in a very different way, staying calm and simply putting a great bit of distance between herself and the wandering animal. And, this calmness paid off immensely as the bear continued about its day, going about its normal business.

The grizzly can be seen climbing out of the water and walking around a bit. It even takes a moment to get a satisfying back scratch on a nearby stump! You know, just a casual day out at the lake for a grizzly, right?

Eventually, the bear moves back to the water’s edge. And, after a while, it jumps back in. But not before the woman behind the wild TikTok video points out one irresponsible nature-lover getting way too close to the wild animal. “Plz don’t be this guy if you see a bear,” the caption over the video reads.

What an awesome experience, and a wild one this TikToker will likely never forget!