WATCH: Yellowstone National Park Grizzly Bear Gets Up Close & Personal With Tourist’s Car

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Chris Seekins

You never know what you’ll get when you enter bear country. From sightings to encounters, incidents with bears are more common than you think, especially if you’re in a place like Yellowstone National Park.

Bears are naturally curious beasts. In addition, they’re anything but shy when it comes to sniffing around their environments. They also don’t let something like a car get in the way of their investigation. In a recent incident, that’s what happened with someone’s vehicle and a grizzly bear.

A group of Yellowstone tourists quickly realized just how comprehensive a grizzly bear could be when it crossed the road and decided their car looked like it needed to be examined. Viewers can see the encounter in a video by a user named David B.

The user wrote in the caption: “This grizzly bear was really hoping to have lunch with my friend David Peters, his wife Valerie, their niece Sage, and my daughter Elise in their car…or maybe it was just interested in that open bag of beef jerky.”

While things seem innocent enough in the beginning, the mood shifts when the bear halts to look at a parked car puts its paws up on the trunk, and then continues moving.

Then, the bear decides to make its way toward the camera person. In the blink of an eye, the grizzly bear stands directly in front of the hood. It starts sniffing around, taking an interest in the driver’s side region.

Yellowstone visitors have extremely close encounter with curious grizzly bear

Meanwhile, those inside the car seemed ambivalent about the entire ordeal.

In the video’s audio, one woman exclaims that she is scared, while the other says it’s “Kinda cool.” When the grizzly bear puts his paws up on the driver’s side window, someone says that “If he wanted to bad enough, he could get in.” By the end of the video, the passengers determine that the bear must have smelled their beef jerky.

While we’re positive everyone in that car was relieved when the grizzly left the car alone, it’s a good thing they refrained from trying to feed the creature. Doing that is a big no-no should you encounter a bear. According to wildlife experts, nine out of ten human-bear encounters stem from food or garbage. First, it’s extremely dangerous but can also train bears to associate humans with food. As a result, a bear might equate humans to food, meaning an inevitable human-bear encounter is bound to happen. It’s also illegal to feed any wildlife in Yellowstone.

It’s worth noting that the tourists could have easily tossed their beef jerky out of the window. However, it was a good thing this group choose not to.