WATCH: Yellowstone National Park Tourist Tempts Fate High Above Upper Falls

by Taylor Cunningham

A new video is going viral on social media that shows a tourist tempting his fate above one of Yellowstone National Park’s massive waterfalls.

In a clip, a tourist stands over the ledge of the park’s roaring upper falls. For a moment, he looks like he will dive into the water as he holds a diving pose. But seconds later, he either comes to his senses or gives up on the prank.

Tourons of Yellowstone posted the video to its Instagram page, and most commenters were never fooled by the stunt. They thought the man was simply trying to get a rise out of a friend. But a few people were worried that he would actually leap. Because, let’s face it, many others have done much worse.

“This takes the air from my lungs omfg no,” someone wrote.

Upper Falls is an impressive 109 cascading drop located in Yellowstone National Park’s Grand Canyon. It is one of three massive waterfalls inside the federally protected land that spans through parts of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

While the canyon and rushing water are powerful and breathtaking sights, they are also deadly, and the park’s website asks all visitors to take precautions when hiking the location. In fact, the spot is so dangerous that a Yellowstone National Park employee died in 2016 when she slipped off the edge while standing with a group of co-workers.

One commenter pointed out the obvious threat of playing around the Upper Falls and even noted that there are only a few overlooks that are designated for tourists. And the location is not among them.

“Do you know he’s not allowed there?” they wrote.

TikToker Issues PSA After Tourists are Seen Risking Their Lives Near Yellowstone National Park’s Hot Springs

Yellowstone National Park’s famous turquoise hot springs are also a beautiful but deadly attraction. And for some reason, tourists frequently get too close to the water.

Grand Prismatic is the largest of the park’s hot springs and one of the most spectacular due to bacteria mats that produce unique color rings. The water, however, is not habitable. The temperature is a staggering 160 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. And if someone comes in contact with it, third-degree burns are the best scenario.

So when a TikToker noticed some people playing near the boiling holes, they decided to issue a disturbing PSA. And it has since gone viral.

“If you come to Yellowstone, please note the thermal activities exceed 200 degrees. Over 20 people have been boiled alive just at Grand Prismatic. This is not only illegal but deadly.”