WATCH: Yellowstone National Park Tourists Snap Selfies Feet Away From Massive Bison

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

At Yellowstone National Park, bison—and tourists doing regrettable things—are everywhere.

In this viral video, a group of tourists approach a bison as it lays down and grazes. Then, just mere feet from the massive animal, the tourists start taking selfies.

This bison may be used to interactions with tourists, but oftentimes, these animals will attack when provoked. These tourists are very lucky that this bison didn’t attack while the group surrounded it.

You can watch the viral Instagram video below. The account that posted the video, “Tourons of Yellowstone,” frequently posts videos of tourists doing dumb things while at the famous national park.

Plenty of Instagram users went took to the comment section to voice their opinions on the video.

“The worst thing that ever happened to wildlife is the invention of the cell phone that takes photos,” one user wrote.

“This selfie thing is really getting monotonous…” another person said.

“The thing is, they aren’t the least bit interested in what they are snapping pics of,” one person complained. “They move on to the next thing, to brag about their fabulous trip- without any respect for the wildlife.”

“It would surprise the heck out of them all if the animal got up and charged,”

“They must have a death wish,” one user wrote.

“A selfie with the Bison is the American version of running with the bulls,” a final user joked, referencing the famous festival in Spain.

Yellowstone National Park Tourist Films Up-Close Video of Bison Grunting During the Rut

A tourist at Yellowstone National Park filmed an up-close video of a bison grunting during the rut.

The huge bison bellows its long grunts while crossing a road at the park. A tourist filmed the encounter from the safety of their own car.

The beast then heads toward a pasture where other bison roam the grass.

The video can be seen—and heard—below, and plenty of people commented on the video with their thoughts on the bison and his deep grunts during the rut.

“He’s very chatty,” one user joked.

“A mini-van with feet & a tail!” another person wrote, commenting about how heavy the bison appears. Another person talked about the massive size of the bison and how he still remains to be cute.

“2000 pounds of cute…now get out of the way,” they wrote, adding laughing emojis in their comment.

“Awesome he’s so impressive,” another commenter wrote.

A final user joked: “This is what my husband sounds like when he snores lol.”

However, hopefully the video serves as a reminder not to mess around with these majestic creatures, especially not during the bison rut.