Weasel Takes Down Chipmunk, Drags It Away in Gruesome Viral Video

by Craig Garrett
Short tailed Weasel - Ermine - stock photo

Alvin was caught slacking as a weasel in a viral video is seen dragging a helpless chipmunk away to presumably make a meal of it. Nature is Metal is the top spot on Instagram to see disturbing images of nature. These clips and photos are guaranteed to make/ruin your day. The account posts candid, unforgiving footage of wildlife at their most pure, as animals struggle to survive. With over 4 million followers, it obviously provides a service.

In a clip shared recently, we hear a hapless suburban man yelp as he discovers a weasel devouring a chipmunk. The chipmunk appears recently deceased, and you can see blood spatter on a white fence the pair are up against. The man filming declares, “nature really is metal,” telegraphing his intention to submit the footage to the Instagram account.

The weasel seems to notice the man’s presence. The furry creature glances up at the camera, then darts underneath the fence. He has seemingly abandoned his chipmunk prize. The man realizes he’s disturbed the circle of life with his smartphone and comments. “Oh hey, I won’t bother you, buddy,” the man says to the hungry critter.

In an instant, the weasel has crept under the fence. He begins pulling at the chipmunk carcass. The chipmunk starts to disappear under the fence but gets snagged. “I don’t think you’re going to make it,” the filmer declares. However, he should have had more faith in the crafty weasel. The rest of the chipmunk’s body slips under the fence. The weasel darts away with his prize.

The internet struggles with the footage of the weasel and its chipmunk meal

As always, Nature is Metal provides a pithy caption for the brutal footage. “This will suffice,” they write. Weasel drags a dead chipmunk off to the great beyond.” The clip has amassed over 25,000 likes and dozens of comments.

One commenter couldn’t help but imagine his favorite cartoon chipmunk characters in the mix. “Simon and Theodore didn’t help they boy smh,” he wrote, clearly seeing the victim as Alvin. Another Instagram user noticed a gory detail that may slip by most viewers. “The most metal part was when he licked the blood remains off the lattice,” they observed with glee. Finally, one follower noted the rude commentary from the human filmer. ?He didn’t appreciate the narrator’s negative attitude and [got out of] there,” they wrote.

Weasels primarily feed on small mammals but have been known to feast on poultry or rabbits from farms and commercial warrens. They live in a variety of locations such as Europe, North America, Asia, South America, and North Africa. Weasels are often considered vermin because they will eat anything they can get their hands on – including rodents.