‘Weird Lights’ Spotted Over San Diego Leave Californians Puzzled: WATCH

by Lauren Boisvert

San Diego, California saw some glowing orbs on Monday, Sept. 19, and residents took to social media to discuss the phenomenon. According to viewers and news stations, there were about five lights over the Pacific Ocean that would light up and fade, and then another would appear, only to fade as well. Videos and photos have since gone viral.

According to KNSD, resident Jen Harang watched the orbs for about 20 minutes. “One would fade and then another and then another would pop up. Super weird … They were very bright,” said Harang. Pacific Beach resident Teluryde Dedominicis told KFMB, “I just started taking a video and I couldn’t believe what I saw.”

San Diego Residents Spot Strange Lights Over Pacific Ocean

Both KNSD and KFMB reported that the lights were most likely flares from a US Air Force training exercise, according to the US Coast Guard. However, neither station could confirm this with the Air Force.

In a short video on Twitter of the lights, they seem to be clustered together in a triangular pattern, and hovering in one area. We’ve never known flares to do that unless there are some new types of flares on the market. Although, it’s possible the lights could be from a ship or other vessel on the water. Still, in another video that features a helicopter fly-by, the lights from the helicopter don’t seem to pass over any solid object like a ship. The light continues to reflect on the water.

We’re not sure what that could mean, as these are all speculations and possibilities. It’s the fact that the Air Force could not confirm the lights were theirs that makes us think it could be something else.

Pilot Flying Over Pacific Sees Mysterious Red Light

Back in August, a pilot flying over the Pacific Ocean spotted more strange lights, this time a cluster of red light underneath the clouds. Dustin Maggard saw the lights while 31,000 feet over the ocean.

“We had no idea what we were looking at,” Maggard told KKTV at the time. “We were making jokes about being in the middle of some sort of military exercise or some sort of alien invasion.”

These lights actually had an explanation, unlike the San Diego lights. The red lights were from commercial fishing vessels positioned in the Pacific Ocean fishing for Pacific saury. Apparently, the red lights attract the fish, making the catch easier. Catching fish with light? It’s not alien contact, but it’s still wildly interesting.