West Virginia Barber Devises a Deer Urine ‘Sprinkler System’ to Keep Loiterers Away

by Craig Garrett
Wild deer defecating or peeing, foggy forest. Animal pooping or pissing on grass - stock photo

A West Virginia barbershop owner keeps disruptive vagrants at bay with a very potent deterrent… deer urine. According to the business owner, he has been losing customers because of loitering vagrants that have caused damage to his property. The owner explains that months of asking them to leave without results have driven him to the breaking point. However, his unusual answer caught the attention of the internet, as it included deer pee, West Virginia’s WSAZ 3 reports.

Mark Smith, the owner of Daniel’s Den Barber Shop, explained his choice. “It’s been going on for years, and years, and years,” said Smith. The store has been in existence since 1974, Smith claims vagrants loitering outside his shop are hurting his business. “Lately, it’s been a lot worse,” Smith said.

To keep the vagrants out, Smith had a wood fence put in to separate his building from the one next door. He also blocked off the entryway with fencing and a gate. Even with all these precautions, though, he says the homeless people keep coming around and damaging his property. They also leave trash everywhere they go.

“I’m not a place for you to come store your stuff, store your drugs, and store your paraphernalia,” Smith insisted. There is a bus stop on 8th Street, just down the street from Mark Smith’s barber shop, which many residents in the area use. The issue Smith is having is that instead of congregating in the bus stop area, people have been congregating on his company’s front steps and damaging his property.

Deer Urine to the rescue

“I’ve lost clients,” Smith explained. “I have clients coming through the door clutching their purses, and automatically locking the door behind them. That’s no way to live, and that’s no way to run a business. So, I devised a plan, to make a sprinkler system,” Smith said. Smith’s post on Facebook about his new sprinkler system got a lot of attention – not only because of the product but also due to a unique ingredient he included: deer urine, as a repellent.

The attention Smith is getting with his deer urine threat has not been positive. “I haven’t used it yet, but I’m receiving death threats.” Smith insisted. “I’m receiving pictures of mutilated corpses.” According to the statement Smith posted on his social media accounts, he had no intention of causing harm. He simply wanted to convey how irritated he was with the scenario.

“It’s shameful for me to actually have to go to these lengths, and it’s shameful it’s gotten here,” Smith admitted. “That’s the last thing I want to do is actually hurt people, but I have to help myself.” Smith has gone to multiple local places in an attempt to resolve the issue, but he says that officials have only acknowledged the problem without giving a solution. In the meantime, he continues to clutch his deer urine, always on alert.