West Virginia Hunter Eyeing State Record With Impressive 12-Point Buck

by Jennifer Shea

A West Virginia hunter believes he may have set a new record for the largest white-tailed deer taken down with a bow in West Virginia. The hunter killed a 12-point buck last week that may have broken the record.

Jody Dalton was bow hunting in West Virginia’s Wyoming County with a friend, according to West Virginia Metro News. He said they realized they might have a record-breaker on their hands when they went to recover the buck.

“When I first laid eyes on him I said to myself, ‘Oh my God, this could be a state record,’” Dalton told the radio show “West Virginia Outdoors.”

Hunter Waiting for This Buck

Dalton lives in Princeton, West Virginia. He works at a mining supply company. And according to West Virginia Metro News, he holds a management position that affords him extra time hunting in the woods. He’s killed some big bucks before, but he said none of them compared to this one.

Dalton had been keeping an eye out for the buck since October.

“I had a picture of him back on the 26th of October and I knew he was in there,” Dalton said. “It just so happened he came through at 10 in the morning chasing two does.”

“He came in and saw the two does and started chasing them,” Dalton recounted. “When I first laid eyes on him at 40 yards I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s him.’ I had to calm my nerves, but like I said he gave me a 30-yard broadside shot and I made the best of it.” 

Waiting for the Official Score

He added that the deer ran about 150 to 200 yards after he hit it. He waited an hour before he started tracking it.

The official score requires that the rack has dried for at least 60 days, West Virginia Metro News reported. So it will take a few months to know for sure if Dalton broke the previous record. That was set in 2014 in McDowell County. 

In the meantime, Dalton has sent the deer to the taxidermist and contacted an official scorer.