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Wild Boar Sprints Down Slope, Attacks Group of Snowboarders at Ski Resort: VIDEO

by Brett Stayton
Wild Boar In The Snow
Photo by Rudiger Katterwe/Getty Images

An absolutely bonkers video from Japan shows the wild moment when a wild boar charged into a group of snowboarders on the slopes. According to Unofficial Networks, The incident took place in the Niigata Prefecture in central Japan at the Alpen Blick Snow Resort in Myoko City.

The boar knocked down one man before steering its aggression toward another. That man was able to use his snowboard to defend himself against the pissed-off porker. The wild boar was eventually scared away by the sound of a snowmobile siren. Hazawa Kazuhiko is the manager of the Snow Resort. He said this is the first time the boar has been seen at the resort.

A Wild Board Also Went On A Rampage In China Back In December

A video clip shared by Now This News back in December shows a security guard frantically running away from a wild boar. Though the boar temporarily caused a ruckus, it eventually went on it’s way without further incident or injuries.

Sadly, the lone security guard was left to fend for himself as the animal ran toward him. After the clip was posted, many had thoughts they wanted to share in the replies. One user pointed out, “Now imagine 30-40 of them. My god.” Someone else pointed out the strategy they used when they found themselves in a similar predicament. “We had a wild boar tearing up the golf course so we dug a 6 x 6 hole off one of the tees and covered it with apples and palm fronds and behold…captured,” they wrote. 

Although boars are typically seen in the wild, they have been known to stray into cities and urban areas. As a result, sometimes there will be inevitable human-boar conflicts. While attacks are rare, it’s not something to be taken lightly. For instance, male boars can weigh up to 440 pounds and run 24 miles per hour. They can also push over trees with their powerful snout. 

Wild Boar Charges Through Ohio Parking Lot

A video of an Ohio man encountering a wild pig in the parking lot of his apartment complex went viral on TikTok a while back. The video was posted on Thursday by Darious Gaskin. So far, it’s received close to 300,000 reactions, with thousands of people commenting. 

Gaskin captured the moment on his phone while making his way through the parking lot. It shows him spotting something strange moving behind a nearby wall. He slowly moved the car forward to get a better look at what was behind the wall.

“Sorry, but what is that?” Gaskin asked. “Is that a dog?”

Gaskin pulls up closer to get a better look, but he disappears behind the giant wall. “This is actually so scary,” said Gaskin, who at this point, is still not sure what it is he’s seen. 

Then, after a few tense moments, two animals emerge. Revealing themselves to be something you don’t see around an apartment complex every day. Two massive hogs were walking around the lot.

“That is not a dog,” Gaskin said. “What are those? Is that a wild pig?”