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Wild Video Shows Honey Badger With Fresh Crocodile Kill

by Brett Stayton
Honey Badger Struts Across Log
Photo by Willie van Schalkwyk/Getty Images

Honey Badgers have been a notorious species in terms of internet virality for a while now. It all started when a comedic narration of a nature documentary blew up. The video has more than 100 million views over the last decade plus. However, there is nothing funny about the Honey Badger’s actual disposition in real life. They are one of the most intense, toughest, and most aggressive members of wildlife on Earth.

Usually, nature videos that include a crocodile show the reptile feasting on something. However, this honey badger is seen ready to feast on a little crocodile it had apparently just hunted down. The footage was shared by the iconic Instagram account Nature Is Metal along with their typically entertaining and informative caption.

“Honey badgers, also known as “ratels,” are known for their fierce attitude and thick skin. They are found in Africa and parts of Asia and. Honey Badgers are known to eat venomous snakes and insects, as well as fruits and roots.

They have a reputation for being almost immune to bee stings and snake bites. Honey Badgers are also known for their strength and tenacity. They have been known to fight off much larger animals such as lions. They have thick, tough skin and a versatile diet which allows them to live in a variety of environments.”

Honey Badgers Successfully Fights Off Three Leopards

The recent video isn’t the only footage of a honey badger raising hell that has gotten attention from Nature Is Metal in the last month or so though. Back in mid-December an absolutely wild video of a honey badger fighting three leopards at the same time caused quite a stir.

Initially the video just shows the honey badger defending itself against a mother leopard and two almost fully grown cubs. Soon though, the honey badger goes into attack mode. The aggressive badger continues having a go at the leopards. The big cats seem to grow more timid and start backing down. The caption goes on to remind viewers that the tenacity of leopards shouldn’t be judged against that of a honey badger.

“Before we jump to conclusions and make any broad statements about the capabilities of leopards, keep in mind that there is also video evidence of honey badgers displacing entire prides of lions and clans of hyenas.

Honey badgers are almost supernaturally capable of deterring predators larger than they. There seems to be absolutely nothing on Gaia’s green earth that scares them, plus they can take an absolute shellacking and keep coming back for more.”

Some questions can be made about why there are so many video clips of honey badgers fighting off much bigger animals. It could be because much bigger animals continuously underestimate honey badgers. “Everything that comes into contact with a honey badger might not know it at the time, but they are about to embark on the gargantuan task of ending a being that simply will never go down quietly or without a fight.