Wildebeest Launches Leopard in Ferocious Fight, Then Things Take a Dramatic Turn: VIDEO

by Joe Rutland

It’s quite amazing to see this leopard get the upper hand on a wildebeest here in this viral video but it does the job well. As you can tell, the leopard was kind of waiting for something to come around the corner. It happened to be a couple of wildebeests. One happened to slip away from the attack. Good for that one. But the second one did not get so lucky. See, the leopard struck and didn’t let go until the wildebeest was dead.

“Leopards have mastered the art of the ambush, leaving as little time as possible for their prey to react to the imminent threat their presence represents,” the caption reads. “Using this natural choke point, all the leopard had to do was wait for something to take this route. By cutting out the act of running down prey, the leopard has plenty of energy for the final act of this dramatic encounter. #natureismetal #keepnaturemetal”. We don’t know exactly where this titanic battle among the forces of nature took place. But this is definitely something to keep your eyes on while it plays out.

A Leopard Can Wreak Havoc On Different Animals

Meanwhile, what are some of the characteristics of a leopard? According to National Geographic, they are graceful and powerful big cats. They happen to be closely related to lions, tigers, and jaguars. In fact, they live in places like sub-Saharan Africa, northeast Africa, Central Asia, India, and China. Yet something to note is the fact that they are an endangered species of populations, especially in areas outside of Africa.

In this viral video, we all have gotten a chance to see the leopard’s hunting skills at work. But it is worth noting how strong this animal is indeed. It has to be strong to take down the mighty wildebeest. Well, the leopard can drag large animals aloft to keep them safe from scavengers like hyenas. Did you know that leopards also could hunt from trees? They can do so. Their spotted coats let them blend into the leaves. Therefore, they can then hop out of the tree into a deadly pounce. Leopards also will be known to stalk other animals like deer, pigs, and even antelope.

Now, let’s turn our attention for a bit to the mighty wildebeest. The African Wildlife Foundation indicates that it is a part of the antelope family. A wildebeest has a large, box-like head with curving horns. If you notice, then the front of their body is built heavily. Their hindquarters happen to be slender with spindly legs. Wildebeests have a gray coat and a black mane. Their beard can be either black or white.