Wildlife Officials Fire Paintballs at Bear to Free It From Under Porch: VIDEO

by Tia Bailey

A now-viral video showcases a bear in a peculiar situation. Wildlife officials fire paintballs at it to free it from under a home.

The situation took place in Colorado Springs this past Sunday, September 18. The bear was just hanging out underneath the family’s home. Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southeast Region’s official Twitter account shared a video: “Today’s @COParksWildlife #wildlife #rescue story is of a bear that wedged itself deep under a porch near #ColoradoSprings Sunday. CPW Officer Corey Adler avoided handling the bear. Hazing it saved it a critical “strike” under CPW policy. Listen as he talks to the bear throughout.”

“Officer Adler’s goal is to avoid tranquilizing and handling the bear,” officials said to The Sacramento Bee. “Handling a bear gives a ‘strike’ and requires it be put down if it gets in trouble again.”

The officer first uses his taser, then paintballs to get the creature out. According to the publication, Adler continued to follow it out from under the porch and into the woods for 8 minutes.

“Officials hope hazing the bear will give it a healthy fear of people and keep it away from homes,” The Sacramento Bee said.

People praised the officials for how they handled the situation. They purposely avoided handling the bear. This choice made it so the bear had a lesser chance of being euthanized.

A Twitter user responded, saying: “Great job Corey!”

Publication Offers Advice for Wildlife Encounter

The publication added some tips on what to do if you encounter one of the animals in the wild, such as: “Identify yourself: Talk calmly and slowly wave your arms. This can help the bear realize you’re a human and nonthreatening.”

Additionally, “Stay calm: Bears usually don’t want to attack; they want to be left alone. Talk slowly and with a low voice to the bear. Don’t scream: Screaming could trigger an attack. Pick up small children: Don’t let kids run away from the bear. It could think they’re small prey.”

‘Problematic’ Bear Shot at After Killing Turkeys

An Alaska man recently had to shot at a bear that was killing turkeys. Along with killing hundreds of turkeys, it will break in to turkey pens.

Don Dyer, who owns the hatchery Polaris Hatchery, which the animal frequents, spoke about it.

“That bear just flattened that, flattened the T-posts, you know, went right through it,” Dyer said in an interview. “That’s a pretty substantial animal. Even the moose don’t challenge that fence.”

Because of this, it had caused $2,100 worth of damage to Dyer’s hatchery. He states that it could have been “a lot worse.”

“It could have gotten into one of the chicken houses, but those were the areas that we had put up all the countermeasures to keep the bear away,” he said. It’s just one of those things.”

Although he was able to scare it off, the animal had also found its way onto several other properties as well.