Woman Gets Dangerously Close to Massive Dust Devil at Burning Man

by Jonathan Howard

Some people just like to tempt the outdoors. Folks will get close to a dust devil, completely abandoning all concern for safety to get a good video. In a way, we are grateful. Still, it’s a little stupid. Then again, maybe we can’t fault someone at Burning Man for doing something ill-advised.

Burning Man is home to all kinds of interesting folks, sights, sounds, and more. When a storm kicked up and an absolutely massive dust devil formed, some folks seemed attracted to the chaos of the storm. It was truly a big dust tornado, something you’d see in the 1930s or something.

Burner Battles a Dust Devil

The sand came through and pelted those that hadn’t taken cover at the time. Robert June talked about walking up to the dust devil and embracing the pain of the blasting sand.

“I could barely stand and couldn’t even see my feet,” June said, via NY Post.

After June was done with his stunt, others wanted to try it out for themselves. You can see in the video that cars are driving away while these few people are walking straight into the storm. After inspiring someone else to take on the challenge, June filmed them walking up to the storm.

“Getting hit in the face with dust at high speeds is not fun,” he explained.

Each year, a ton of people go to Nevada for the Burning Man festival. Known for attracting eccentric festival-goers each year, it is no wonder there would be a few folks willing to face off against nature like this. There was an issue throughout Burning Man with dust, apparently.

Festival Attracts Big Stars

Of course, the festival was also hot as could be. You go out to the desert in Nevada, what do you expect? The most awful part of the whole ordeal was probably the 8 hours of traffic folks had to combat to exit the festival. That’s not what anyone signed up for when they showed up.

Speaking of attendees, among the 80,000 in attendance was none other than Danica Patrick. The former NASCAR driver showed off at the festival in a series of flamboyant outfits. Throughout the festival, people tend to switch outfits, trying to bring a theme or just to show off.

You know what Danica didn’t do? Well, she wasn’t out there running into a dust devil for internet views. I’m sure that she was able to find her own fun and trouble while at Burning Man. But, she wasn’t among these folks getting their exfoliation treatment from the air itself.

A wild festival is going to attract wild people. Burning Man plus a Dust Devil, what did you think was going to happen?