Woman Has Full-Blown Meltdown in Ostrich Encounter Gone Wrong: VIDEO

by Caitlin Berard

For animal lovers, safari parks are a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. Paying a fee grants you access to a large enclosed area where wild animals roam freely. You then drive through the park while being treated to an up-close view of some of nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures. Depending on the park, you might see anything from horses and goats to more exotic animals like zebra and elephants.

At many of these parks, if you pay a little extra, you can even get a bag of food to feed the animals along the way, granting even more intimate interactions with the wildlife. In doing so, however, you must understand that you’re dealing with wild animals who aren’t always the most polite when it comes to snack time.

If you don’t, well, you just might find yourself screaming in terror as an ostrich helps himself to the bag of food in your hands. College student Chloe Benham found herself in this exact situation when she visited Safari Wild Animal Park in Como, Mississippi.

“I’m really afraid! I’m really afraid!” she shrieked over and over again, near hyperventilating as the ostrich bobbed its head in and out of the vehicle in search of corn.

To make matters worse for Chloe, her friend Stephen was in the driver’s seat. And caught the entire incident on video. Fully aware that she was perfectly safe, his poorly contained giggles filled the car as she squirmed away from the passenger side window, unable to even glance at the ostrich for fear it would attack.

Woman Terrified of Ostrich Finds the Incident Hilarious

After calming down… Well, that’s a little generous, actually, considering the college student was still screaming “NO!” like the ostrich had a personal vendetta against her. Eventually, though, her screams did begin to mix with laughter. And in Chloe’s defense, she had a much better time with the more polite donkeys.

“I had been before so I was excited to go back again,” Stephen explained to the Daily Mail. “Chloe grew up around farm animals and LOVED goats so she was very excited too. I never expected her to be scared of any of them, let alone an ostrich! Neither of us knew what was coming.”

According to Chloe, when she ultimately realized just how silly the entire incident was, she found it hilarious. “I probably laughed the hardest I ever have in my life,” she explained.

Now that she’s discovered her rather embarrassing fear of ostriches, Chloe hopes to one day overcome it. “There were a ton of ostriches across the animal park grounds, so we did encounter them after this,” she recalled.

“I made sure to roll up my window before they could get another chance to stick their head in the car,” she continued. “I would really love to overcome my fear of ostriches before I die though!”