Woman Has Shocking Reaction to Finding Huge Crocodile Under Her Couch: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A brave Mexican woman has the internet in hysterics after she exhibited an extremely calm demeanor while quite literally shooing a large crocodile out of her home. Though the original clip is in Spanish, translations reveal the woman is actually crooning kind encouragements and nicknames to the croc. During the video, she calls it “lovely boy,” among other things.

The video begins with the crocodile’s snout just barely peeking out from beneath the woman’s couch. However, with her small dog in hand, the woman grabs her broom. She then pokes and prods at the admittedly patient reptile until he finally decides to meander out into the middle of the floor.

Throughout the video, the New York Post states the woman says things like, “Come on, croc, come on. Go back to your pond already. Come on, my love…my lovely boy. Come on, my beautiful baby.”

Interestingly, the crocodile almost seems domesticated, heeding the woman’s directions without much need for the broom at all. Finally, as the croc makes its way outside, the patient woman reaches down and pats the reptile on its tail. Since it was initially posted earlier this month, the video has received millions of views. Commenters had some humorous takes on the clip.

“Dogs in Tobasco are very weird,” one viewer wrote. Another joked, “What a weird baby.”

Endangered Crocodile Found Dead in Belize Lagoon

Around the same time that the Tobasco woman went viral for crocodile whispering, another crocodile of an endangered sect in Belize was found by conservationists floating belly-up, dead, in a lagoon. The reptile, which measured 11 feet long, was located on November 5th in the Placencia Lagoon.

A fisherman originally located the dead crocodile, immediately reaching out to a local nonprofit conservation group called the Crocodile Research Coalition (CRC). After arriving at the lagoon, conservationists determined the animal had died between 48 and 72 hours prior. Closer investigation into the croc’s death revealed it suffered a slow, agonizing death after swallowing a baited fishing hook. The creature’s death is significant because while American crocodiles are, at large, considered vulnerable, they’re considered critically endangered in Belize. This is because there are very few genetically pure American crocodiles in the Central American country.

The loss of Belize’s crocodiles comes courtesy of habitat loss, illegal hunting, and pollution.

In a post about the dead crocodile, the CRC said, “It is common practice for fishermen to use baited hooks to catch grouper,” a decently-sized species of fish, “this form of fishing is indiscriminate (similar to gill nets) and other wildlife can be caught and killed.”

The last time the CRC encountered a crocodile that suffered this manner of death was in 2019. Marisa Telez, a crocodile specialist and founder of the CRC, said of the recent crocodile death, “It is illegal to hunt crocs in Belize. We likely won’t find out who did it.”