Woman Posts Trail Cam Photos She Claims Show Massive Sasquatch

by Lauren Boisvert

A woman in Washington state shared her trail cam photos on social media, wondering if she found a Sasquatch. Carolyn Day posted a pair of photos from her trail cam situated in the woods behind Mount Si in the Snoqualmie Valley. “I just checked my camera that is deep in the woods […],” she captioned the photos. “Either there is a Sasquatch in the area or I am being expertly pranked.”

Truly, the photos do lend themselves to the existence of Bigfoot. The photos are a little misty, a bit grainy, as trail cams tend to be. There’s a shaft of light cutting through the left side. Around that light, through the trees in the first photo, there seems to be a large bipedal humanoid figure walking into frame. In the second photo, the figure is standing next to a tree looking right into the camera.

Breaking Down the Eerie Trail Cam Photos

The figure looks to be covered in dark hair, with a distinctly lighter face in the second photo. There are a few elements that lead me to believe Carolyn Day is indeed being pranked. But, at the same time, there are things that can’t be explained. First, there’s evidence that it’s a prank judging by the costume. Most monkey or ape costumes, which are popular with Bigfoot impersonators, will have a lighter face on the mask. But, on the contrary, there’s the distinct lack of large ears on this costume that most monkey masks have. Although, it’s possible that these could have been removed.

Another clue that leads me to think prank is if you look closely at the side profile in the first photo, there seems to be a slight separation between head and shoulder. The light hits it just right where it seems to be a two-piece costume. But, again, the second photo is so eerie that I almost want to believe it’s real.

Proof of Sasquatch? Or Elaborate Prank?

I have read some accounts of Sasquatch-like creatures that specifically mention a lighter-colored face and darker hair. Creatures like the Bray Road Beast, which skulks around Wisconsin. Or the Skunk Ape of South Florida, a personal favorite. Here, a South Carolina man reported coming face to face with a Sasquatch for 20 minutes. Though, nothing is quite as satisfying as hearing about a Sasquatch sighting in his home state of Washington.

These trail cam photos lead me to believe Carolyn Day has a hoax on her hands. But, at the same time, I can’t help but wonder: where is Bigfoot? So many years, so many Bigfoot hunters, and not one single solid lead. Could Carolyn Day’s Sasquatch be a descendant of the figure in the Patterson-Gimlin film from 1967? Or is that a completely different entity? We know that there are allegedly many Sasquatch-like creatures in the world–the Yeti, for one–so who is this one? We may never know, unless Carolyn Day captures him on her trail cam again.