Woman Puts the Fear of God in a Crocodile Just by Pulling Off Her Slipper: VIDEO

by Taylor Cunningham

Crocodiles may be one of the most terrifying creatures on Earth. But when they threaten our pets, we hone into a sense of bravery we never knew we had. At least, that’s what happened when a croc set its eyes on this woman’s dog.

A video of an encounter has gone viral on Twitter that shows a woman having no fear as a couple of blood-thirsty reptiles swarm near her. In a 37-second clip, we can see the woman standing on the sidewalk on the banks of a flooded bay. Her small black and white dog is wandering close by as she assesses the rising water.

From the start, the backs of the crocodiles are visible. But they seem to be focused on other things. However, it soon becomes obvious that one of the animals has spotted the dog, and it quickly but discreetly begins moving toward land.

Two people in the background realize what’s happening and nervously say, “dog, dog,” trying to warn the woman that the crocodile is intending to feast on her pet. But she’s already aware of the situation, and she’s not worried.

With her body language as calm as ever, the woman pulls off her slipper and smacks her hand with it as a warning, just like an old-school mother would do when her kids were causing trouble. She then gets closer to the animal and hits her hand even harder.

“Buzz off!” she yells as the people in the background laugh. “Buzz off!”

Surprisingly, the crocodile understood that she wasn’t messing around. And it quickly buzzed off.

“Even crocodiles know the power of the mother slipper,” the poster wrote.

People Can’t Help But Feel For the Slipper-Threatened Crocodile

In less than 24 hours, the post has garnered nearly five million views—because so many of us know that fear of “the mother slipper.”

“That’s the power of the slipper some of us can tell and mind u, [it] never misses the target when thrown at you,” replied @Plicy6. “Salute all mothers.”

“La chancla- every 80s/90s kid’s worst nightmare,” @tx_snowflakes added. “(close runner up to dad’s belt).”

Of course, we wouldn’t suggest taking on a Crocodile with only a shoe as protection. The beasts are considered one of the most deadly in the world, and they kill around1,000 people a year. To put that into perspective, sharks kill less than 10. If a crocodile attacks, depending on its size and location, you have a 35% to 50% chance of survival.

“She should count her lucky stars for her little dog and herself,” noted @innominate67. “They both could have been lunch in a flash.”