Woman Spots Massive ‘Black Ring’ in the Sky, Sparks Fear of UFOs

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Matthias Clamer

After a woman saw an unusual black ring in the sky, they’re now seeking answers from internet investigators about what they saw.  Per reports, the bystander recently spotted the massive black ring in Sentosa, Singapore, and believes it was a UFO.

After, Agnes Seah went to the Nature Society Facebook group to post and ask fellow users what they thought the ring could be. “I saw this black ring flying in the sky above Sentosa. Any idea what could this be? Birds migratory?” she wrote in the group. 

Later, commenters flocked to the post to give their opinions on the strange phenomenon, with some suggesting it could be a UFO sighting.

In addition, people confirmed that the same unexplained aerial sighting was seen in the exact location five years ago, in 2017. Although many users had different theories about what exactly it was, UFOs seemed to be the most popular explanation. 

Alien aficionados quickly suggested that the sighting could be something from out of this world. However, commenters said that there were no confirmations of extraterrestrial activity. 

Yet, with it being the second sighting in five years, some wonder whether the location has specific significance to potential extraterrestrials. However, many people thought this theory was too outlandish and suggested that there was a much more realistic idea – birds.

Internet sleuths theorize sighting was a flock of birds, not UFO

At the same time, some suggested it could be another aerial event of birds migrating. However, others argue it’s rare for birds to take that formation. Instead, the flock usually comes together in more congregated groups rather than forming a ring.

Despite people’s excitement at the potential UFO, it’s now overshadowed due to a new study that reveals new drones from China could have something to do with the phenomenon. 

Analysts from the US Defence Department have recently examined strange aerial incidents from 2004 and 2021. According to the agency, since the late 1940s, reports of unexplained sightings have stoked speculation that it was extraterrestrial.

However, according to reportsanonymous Pentagon officials believe several UFO incidents can be attributed to “relatively ordinary” Chinese surveillance drones. 

Previously, China stole blueprints for advanced US fighter planes and was interested in how America’s military trains its pilots.

In addition, weather balloons, birds, and other airborne items also account for some of the sightings. Moreover, optical illusions can also explain some bizarre aerial incidents in which aerial objects travel at a lightning-fast speed. 

The officials said this reasoning was behind the well-known ‘GoFast’ video in 2018 and later released to the public. The famous clip showed an object gliding over the sea at an incredible speed.

Later, officials concluded it was merely an optical illusion created by the angle of the recording relative to the water.