Wyoming Homeowners Shocked to Find Huge Mountain Lion Resting in Their Window Well: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Kevin Zaouali / EyeEm)

Anyone who has window wells outside of their home knows well that wildlife critters like to take cover in them from time to time. Stealing away from the elements. And, it’s no surprise that these critters find it much easier to get into the window well than it is to get out. Because of this, the animals can oftentimes find themselves trapped inside these wells.

Usually, homeowners run into critters such as insects such as spiders, small rodents like prairie dogs, or a mouse or two. But recently, one Wyoming homeowner saw that even larger animals like to take cover in these hideaways when they discovered a mountain lion kicking back in their window well.

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Recently, two Wyoming homeowners were shocked to discover an adult-sized cougar resting comfortably in their window well. And, they shared the adventure in a series of three TikTok videos detailing the very unusual situation.

Imagine The Shock, Stepping Out On The Deck And Seeing A Mountain Lion Looking At You From Below

As the original video begins, the homeowner takes the TikTok viewers out onto their deck noting “so we come out…” Then, once out on the deck, the camera pans down into the window well. “It’s a d**n cougar!” the homeowner exclaims.

And, a cougar is right! This is a full-grown mountain lion that is looking up at the homeowner.

Part 2 Takes Us Back To The Begining

The second video in what turned out to be a four-part series features the moments before the homeowners found the mountain lion inside the wheel well. It’s the outdoor camera footage showing the cougar as it enters the yard and walks toward the side of the home.

The third part features the hit song Somebody’s Watching Me as the homeowner goes into brave mode. Peaking out at the big cat from the window that looks directly out into the window well. The auto-voice-over notes that they were “scared to open the curtain at first.”

It is an up-close look at a mountain lion few get to see, that’s for sure! However, the cougar doesn’t seem to mind being watched at all. “Cougar just chilling,” the automated voice notes.

Part 4 features animal experts as they work very carefully to provide a chance for the animal to escape the window well. Initially, the wildlife experts cover the window well with a grate and put a ladder down into the hole. However, it doesn’t seem as if the animal wants to leave!

Next, they work from the inside, capturing the big cat from the basement window. It’s a harrowing clip, for sure as the experts contain the big cat by subduing it first and then bringing it inside using expert tools. They then wrap the animal in a tarp, carrying the mountain lion into a cage that sits atop a truck.