Yellowstone Bison Bashes Into Small Car, Man Filming It Freaks Out: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin

At Yellowstone National Park, bison and other big game like elk are known for interactions with tourists who get too close. In this viral clip, a huge bison rams into a car and sends the passengers in another car freaking out.

A tourist and family were traveling through Yellowstone National Park on Sunday when they saw why Yellowstone bison are dangerous, especially during mating season. This is otherwise known as “the rut.”

William Ogonowski was stuck in traffic because bison were on the road. He decided to record the scene.

In the video, a herd of bison stand in a field while some block the road. A few of the bison go head to head in a fight before one decides to angrily ram the side of one car, sending it shaking.

“Oh no, they’re coming at us,” Ogonowski said. “Oh no. They’re fighting in front of those people.”

Ogonowski screamed when he saw the bison ram the car in front of him. “I got it on video,” Ogonowski announced to his family.

You can watch the hilarious clip below. However, always remember to be careful of your surroundings when outdoors, especially around these Yellowstone bison!

Away From the Yellowstone Bison, Elk in Estes Park, Colorado Also Rammed a Car

In this insane viral clip, an angry elk approaches a group of cars in an Estes Park, Colorado parking lot. In the video, the elk seems to be protecting his family from what he perceives as danger. Around the mid-point of the video, the animal lets out a loud scream, showcasing his agitation.

Then, two cars start to approach the elk from opposite sides of the parking lot. As one white car approaches the antlered beast, they stick their phone out the passenger window to video the animal. Another brown car headed from the opposite side appears to be doing the same.

However, the animal views the car as hostile, and he springs into action. He makes a beeline toward the car and absolutely strikes the car, creating a loud “bang” sound in the process. The elk seems to both cause damage to the car and to himself. It seems he cracked the second window on the car’s passenger side. However, a piece of his antler appears to go flying after he makes contact.

After the contact, people in the parking are heard gasping and saying “Oh!” The white car slowly drives away, shocked by what just happened but not wanting to frighten the elk more. The elk calmly struts back toward the forest. All his offspring bolted toward the trees after seeing their father strike the vehicle.

The brown car sits and records the elk as he and his family make their way back up the mountainside.

The clip can be viewed here on Air.TV.