Yellowstone Bison Climbs Up Onto Boardwalk, Sends Tourists Running: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

It’s a video clip that makes our hearts pound because most of us know well that person-to-animal encounters with bison in the Yellowstone National Park rarely end well. Thankfully, this Instagram video didn’t end with anyone being attacked. However, it was likely a very close call.

Yellowstone National Park Tourists Are Stunned As A Bison Climbs Onto The Boardwalk

As the viral Instagram video begins, a massive bison stands near the boardwalk. However, curious tourists are getting a little too close, some taking selfies with the wild animal. Soon, the bison makes a move forward and some of the tourists closest start to step off to the side. Thankfully, too, because soon they will come closer to this buffalo than any of them had planned.

After standing right up against Yellowstone National Park’s boardwalk for a bit, the bison hops on top, joining the visitors on the walkway. Some of the tourists hightail it out of there immediately. However, we see one brave photographer take a moment to start backing up.

Bison Are Not ‘Friendly Fluffy Cows!’

The clip then pans over toward a bridge that sits along the walkway that is full of park visitors, all of whom begin to scatter as the bison advances. However, some make a very unwise decision to return to the bison, getting dangerously close. Some even saunter past the buffalo snapping selfies as they step out in front. A move that the touronsofyellowstone Insta page warns is a very bad decision.

“Tourons all over Yellowstone today taking bison selfies and just touroning all over the place,” the Instagram caption begins adding a buffalo emoji and a pair of watching eyes. This is where the advice begins. Advice that anyone who has heard even one scary story of a bison attacking a person would already know…bison are not “friendly fluffy cows”!

“If a bison climbs up onto the boardwalk please try to go the opposite way,” the caption continues, adding that the bison are “NOT your friends.”

“They WILL stab you and possibly toss you into the air like a rag doll!” the touronsofyellowstone Insta page warns.

“Yellowstone is NOT a zoo,” the caption continues. “The animals ARE wild! Try your best to keep at least 25 yards from them.” The message then ends by telling tourists to use their brains by using a brain emoji to highlight the point.