Yellowstone National Park Campers Shocked to Wake Up Surrounded by Bison Herd

by Shelby Scott

Bison are a common sight at Yellowstone National Park, however, it’s not everyday that campers at one of America’s most iconic parks wake up to a herd of the massive creatures surrounding their site. Take a look at the clip below as dozens of North America’s largest mammals come within feet of one camper’s tent.

Per the videographer’s account, the clip of the bison herd was taken in Yellowstone’s Slough Creek in 2021. While the video only shows several dozen bison surrounding the campers’ tent, he states there are probably 300 of the giant furry mammals perusing the area around the campsite. Fortunately, he and his family members were able to safely make their way out of the tent and out of the center of the bison herd. However, if you watch the full video, their tent comes dangerously close to becoming crushed as two of the bison begin wallowing.

“Our backcountry campsite has been taken over,” the national park visitor informs viewers. “We had to evacuate our tent when we heard the ruckus coming. And now we sit and wait.”

Humorously, as the video goes on and takes in the glory of the bison herd sighting, the dad and wildlife lover says, “Ironically, the kids were asking me earlier if I ever had bison near my tent, and I’ve had one close,” but definitely not several hundred.

A visit to Yellowstone National Park is certainly a memorable one, but surely few visitors have had encounters as memorable as this.

Tourist Has Hilarious Reaction As Bison Herd Approaches His Car

Some Yellowstone visitors know what to expect and how to react when they see a herd of bison. Others, however, jump straight into a panic at the thought of just being near these massive creatures.

Just as Death Valley National Park is currently experiencing, Yellowstone saw some historic flooding earlier this summer. And not only did the flooding alter visiting rules and restrictions, but it also sent much of the park’s wildlife on the move. One man, clearly less experienced with North American bison than the man in the above clip, had a hilarious reaction when a large herd began approaching his car as they tried to flee the worst of the flooding. And he captured the entire scene on video.

“Oh Jesus Christ, what do I do?” the man panics, the bison herd slowly marching their way toward and past his car. “What the f***! What do I do?” the man continues, distraught. Despite all his worry, the bison barely pay the car any never mind, instead parting as water does in a stream around a rock to move past the vehicle.

In all honesty, if you’re wondering what to do if you see a bison, or a herd of bison, while traveling through Yellowstone in your vehicle, the best thing you can do is stay in your vehicle. While bison lack the claws and sharp teeth that make the national park’s other common residents, including bears and wolves, lethal, a male bison can weigh more than a ton and have the ability to gore humans and other bison alike with their deadly horns.