Yosemite National Park Visitors Have the ‘Perfect’ Bear Sighting: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan

Taking a trip to Yosemite National Park is breathtaking enough for any visitor; however, some hikers had the trip of a lifetime when an unexpected bear came to say hello. On Wednesday, visitors enjoyed seeing the sequoias in Mariposa Grove. However, their day got even better when a Yosemite bear came over to greet them.

Coincidentally, the bear appeared at the park’s “Grizzly Giant” tree and then went on its merry way. However, it wasn’t before people took the opportunity to snap some pics and videos.

Yosemite National Park rangers later told news outlets they had never seen a bear near the giant tree. They revealed they were also pleased that the omnivore seemed to be in a cheerful mood.

“It was just a perfect bear sighting, and I’m telling these people, ya know bears are fairly common, but to see the Grizzly Giant, I’ve never seen a bear at the Grizzly Giant, and that in my humble opinion is a beautiful bear,” said park ranger Scott Gediman.

In addition, Yosemite National Park rangers think the bear was a young female poking around for food. According to the national park’s official website, bear activity in Yosemite has increased due to its fruits coming into season.

Yosemite National Park sees its busiest month for bear activity

As for its bear population, the park saw its busiest month of 2022 in July when it reported five incidents. Two of the five incidents involved bears getting into human food from forgetful backpackers who left their food canisters open.

In addition, another bear got food from an open bear box in a campground. Another got food from an unattended haul bag. Finally, one of the mammals obtained a hiker’s food eight times from garbage left outside bear-resistant dumpsters and trash cans.

In other bear news, one park in Alaska’s Glacier Bay has been closed for the remainder of August following a conflict with a bear.

Recently, the National Park Service announced that the Scidmore Cut area of the West Arm of Glacier Bay will be closed to all hikers until August 30. The closure comes after a brown bear got into food from campers on July 30. According to the NPS, there were no injuries or property damage due to the incident.

The goal of the closure is to keep the bears from further bear-human conflicts, the NPS said in the release.

While not part of the closure, the national park service advises people not to camp in the entire Scidmore Cut area, both on the West Arm side and the location within Scidmore Bay, since bears are known to travel great distances in the area.

NPS officials also recommend that if a bear approaches you while eating, pack up all food into bear-resistant canisters. Then, huddle with your group, and stand your ground.