Young Fisherman Can’t Stop Dancing After Beating Personal Record in Hilarious Video

by Matthew Wilson

This young fisherman was so excited he couldn’t stop dancing. He really showed the joy and excitement that can come with fishing.

After-all, where are you going to find a more excited face than that? If only people could experience half the joy, this young fisherman felt at beating his own personal record. He was jumping up and down and yelling as he got a little help reeling in his big catch.

The little guy hauled himself quite the impressive bass. But he must be quite the expert considering the Bass Pro Shop swag he was decked out in. The young fisherman broke out into dance as well, showcasing his rhythm out on a boat. The dance moves appear to be from the popular video game “Fortnite.”

But there wasn’t anything digital about his accomplishment. The young fisherman appeared to be enjoying the day with his father and a friend out on the waterway. For many, fishing is a rite of passage passed from one generation to the next. And it must truly be a joy to see the younger generation light up with such excitement during the trip. The trio were out there forming lasting memories and also this heartwarming but hilarious viral video.

Follow These Fisherman’s Tips

We’re not saying the young fisherman used these fishing tips. But if you want to haul an impressive catch and dance for joy yourself, you can’t go wrong with this bass fishing advice.

For one, bass usually bite in the early morning and late evening hours. The best time to go fishing is probably early in the morning before the sun has even came up. Be out on the water way as first light starts to hit, and you’ll dramatically increase your fishing chances.

Likewise, big bass enjoys dining on frogs. So if you want to pull an impressive haul, get yourself a frog lure. Drag the lure along the top of the water near lily pads for best results. Or you could always just abandon lures and go all-natural. Live minnows make some of the best bait when fishing.

Perhaps some of these tips will help any fisherman out there who are struggling to get their next catch. And maybe you’ll even be dancing yourself in the next viral video.