Young Hunter Gives Hilarious Relationship Advice About Future Wife Not Allowing Him to Hunt

by Halle Ames

Don’t even think about telling this young hunter what to do. Nothing can keep him from his beloved tree stand.

We are issuing a warning for whoever is lucky enough to marry this young hunter in 15 years, do NOT, under any circumstances, tell this boy that he cannot go hunting.

However, if we have any wise advice for you, it’s called compromise. That’s your loophole. He can hunt, but he also has to watch The Notebook with you. Your husband and go scout out deer, but he is now doing the laundry. Thank us later.

Hunter Can’t Be Told No

“I don’t want a girl. I don’t want, like, a wife. Because what if she says, ‘you can’t go hunting.’ I’m just going to go, ‘no, I’m going hunting right now. You aren’t telling me what to do. You aren’t telling me what to do!'”

The little hunter is hilarious as he holds his 7-Up can as if it’s a small beer. It’s like we are looking into his future now. Absolutely hysterical.

The hunter is dressed in head to toe camouflage, from the hat to the sweatshirt and pants, to the boots.

What we can say is if the boy ever does get married, his wife will be blessed with enough meat to last her all year. Let the boy hang out into the wood.

The crowd of adults around him goes nuts as he starts to yell and shake the 7-Up that is huge in his little hand. Once his point was made, he takes his place back in his folding chair, next to another young boy, crunching down on a bag of Chex Mix.

His parents must be looking at him with stars in their eyes as they molded their son into the perfect little hunting machine. Now we want to see what he acts like when it’s time to field dress his first deer.

[H/T Wide Open Spaces]