Young ‘Spider Girl’ Lets Tarantulas Crawl All Over Her in Nightmare-Inducing Video

by Samantha Whidden

Making everyone’s anxiety excessively increase, a young girl allows tarantulas to just crawl all over her in a nightmare-inducing viral video. 

Throughout the 30-second clips, the girl, who is dubbed the “Spider Girl” is seen casually picking up the tarantulas and letting them crawl on her hand. Another spider is seen just hanging on the back of the girl’s shirt. Instead of fleeing from the large eight-legged creatures, the little girl appears to just live her life without fear. The terrifying yet adorable video ends with the girl running towards the spider to pick it up. 

The video, which was shared in a tweet earlier this month, has been tweeted more than 480 times and has been liked nearly 2,600 times. When asked what kind of spider it was and why the little girl is not being bitten, one Twitter user shared, “These are tarantulas, non venomous that’s why she can play with them carefree.” 

Others praised the little girl for being fearless against the spiders. “I’m overcoming my arachnophobia but have not handled spiders this big yet,” one Twitter user shared. “Only been catching the small spiders in my house with my hands and putting them outside instead of killing them. I just discovered one day that spiders don’t scare me anymore. Don’t like webs though.”

Will Smith Shares a Hotel Room With a Tarantula 

Days after the video of “Spider Girl” went viral, Will Smith recorded him and a friend encountering a tarantula while staying at a hotel. “Posting this from a Holiday Inn,” Smith declared on his Instagram account. He is seen looking at the tarantula as it crawled around the hotel room. He has no chill throughout the entire ordeal.  “What the whole hell,” he kept stating. “That is a big a— spider.”

In an effort to avoid the tarantula, Smith asks his friend to get the creature out of the room. When his friend kept protesting the idea of him even interacting with the creature, Smith is heard saying, “Come on, you’re young and strong. You can handle a bite.” 

Eventually, Smith’s friend was able to capture the tarantula with a glass bowl. He did this while Smith is freaking out in the background. The duo then teamed up to get the spider out of the room. “We’re selling the house,” Smith stated at the end of the video. 

Smith’s social media followers shared their reactions to the whole video. “Oh hell nawwwwwwwwww! NOPE!!! I wouldn’t be able to sleep there! Gotta leave asap,” one follower declared. Another following went on to share their reaction by writing, “When y’all get thru, come get the one in my yard! Pls and thank you! Friggin jungle out here!!!!”