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Virginia Dad & His Sons Document Year-Long Log Cabin ‘Survival Shelter’ Build: VIDEO

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

2020 was a wild year. It seemed like everything but grocery stores and gas stations closed. Most people stayed home during the hardest parts of the year. However, a large portion of the population saw the situation as an opportunity. After all, the kids were out of school and many parents were home from work. They took to the great outdoors to shake their cabin fever while staying safe. Luke Nichols, a dad, attorney, and YouTuber from Virginia used the pandemic to get outside with his boys and build a log survival shelter.

Earlier this month, Nichols posted a massive video to his Outdoor Boys YouTube. It showed a year’s worth of camping and the slow construction of a log cabin. In the video, we see it go from a simple survival shelter made with sticks and a tarp to a cozy little cabin. The coolest part, though, is that Nichols built the structure with hand tools while spending time with his boys.

Starting on the Survival Shelter

In the first part of the video, we see Nichols and his son Tommy in the forest. Luke fells small trees for firewood and building material while Tommy does his schoolwork from a tablet. Later, Luke drives tall stakes into the ground and secures a tarp over the makeshift frame to form a basic survival shelter. Before they turn in for the night, Luke shows his viewers how to cook steaks over a campfire. The highlight though is seeing a dad and his son not just braving the low temps but thriving and enjoying their time together.

The survival shelter takes shape over the next few days. Luke continues to cut, shape, and stack logs while Tommy continues his studies. Each night, their project gets a little closer to completion and they get to sleep a little more comfortably.

Hard Work Pays Off

By the time you get to the midpoint of the two-hour-long video, the Nichols’ survival shelter has come a long way. It went from stakes and a tarp to a full-on log cabin with a fireplace and chimney. Additionally, they’ve added some mud to the walls to insulate the structure against the cold.

Overall, it’s just inspiring to see this dad and his boys out in the woods. They’re obviously having a great time together. More importantly, Luke is teaching his boys how to work with their hands. Throughout the video, Nichols leans on his bushcraft skills to create a comfortable living space in the middle of the forest.

The family didn’t just turn their survival shelter into a cozy log cabin. They stayed in the words for a year. During that time, they worked, bonded, and experienced the full spectrum of the wonders of nature.