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Vogue Promotes Outrageous $600 Scarf as ‘Outdoor Gear’ for Forest and Mountain Adventures

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Marko Geber/ Getty Images)

When you think of Vogue, you probably don’t associate it with the outdoors. Yet, the fashion company is mixing style and the wilderness.

When out for a hike, brands and style don’t really matter, as long as it gets the job done. So the thought of dropping a cool $600 on a scarf is seen as pretty ridiculous. In fact, just about everything on Vogue’s list of 21 items to have for “your next grounding winter adventure” is absurd.

The yellow scarf looks more like a collar. Attached to the choker is about a foot of thin material connected to matching mittens. We are just as confused as that explanation made it sound.

Vogue describes it as “Bottega Veneta’s all-in-one funnel neck warmer and mittens.”

Bottega Veneta is the brand responsible for the odd creation, and let’s just say they are very proud of their product. Consider taking out a loan if you want this scarf, as the price runs at $620.

We are just as blown away as you are.

Vogue’s Absurd ‘Outdoor Gear’

In addition, if we are going to go all out, let’s visit another “outdoors” item on the list.

Gucci and the North Face teamed up for a collaboration that made their already high prices darn near laughable. The two brands came up with a “chest bag” that is actually on sale for $2,500. Yes, that is the price of the product on sale as it was originally $3,500.

And do not be confused. This “chest bag” is nothing more than a glorified fanny pack. So, unless this pack that looks like it may be able to hold a phone and wallet is lined with gold and rubies, we are going to have to pass.

We have a mortgage to pay for, Gucci.

We highly recommend you check out the rest of the list if you are a fashionista without a budget…. Or if you are like us and can’t afford a pack of gum and just want a good laugh.

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