Waffle House Locations Closing as Hurricane Ida Approaches Has the Internet Concerned

by Shelby Scott

The Southern regions of the United States are currently preparing for impact from major Hurricane Ida. As a result, concerts saw recent cancelations alongside preseason football games and other hallmark events.

However, what has the Internet most heavily concerned is the closing of one popular food chain in the south. Twitter is currently abuzz with news that Louisiana’s Waffle House locations have initiated major closures. Those familiar with Waffle House’s weather practices know that, when the chain closes, it’s definitely a sign to head out.

If you search Waffle House on Twitter, you’ll quickly learn why the chain’s closures are trending ahead of Hurricane Ida. Twitter user @DougKlain shared with followers, “The Waffle House crisis index is snapping into action.” He further jokes, “One of America’s most reliable signs of serious impending disaster.”

The tweet prefaces a link that highlights one Morgan City location’s intention to remain closed until Hurricane Ida passes. The same link continues to trend on Twitter.

Other followers shared Waffle House patterns rooted in earlier tropical storm and hurricane indexes.

@athikers_bob wrote, “Waffle House always trends when a hurricane comes calling. They are the best at staying open, no matter what, and if they locked the door…” We assume the open-ended format of the tweet incurs that Hurricane Ida became a major threat.

Meanwhile, some Waffle House fans spotlighted the restaurant in the tweets themselves. One shared a photo captioned with, “Waffle House before the storm.”

If we’re to be any judge, dark clouds and a dead Waffle House parking don’t indicate positive signs ahead of Hurricane Ida.

Hurricane Ida Has Grown to a Category 5 Hurricane

Outsider keeps Louisiana residents and Waffle Houses both in our thoughts as Ida picks up speed and strength. Hurricane Ida initially began as a Category 1 hurricane on Friday. However, over the weekend, it rapidly grew to a Category 5 hurricane. Overall, its growth blew expectations of Category 4 predictions right out of the water.

Currently, the hurricane is traveling at 15 miles per hour, bringing with it 150 mile-per-hour winds. Southeast Louisiana is getting wind gusts reaching 93 miles per hour.

The most recent hurricane to travel over the Eastern U.S. was Hurricane Henri. While Henri resulted in major flooding, it maxed out around 70 miles per hour. In comparison to current hurricane conditions, Henri posed little threat.

Regardless, what makes Ida’s arrival incredibly tragic is that it will bombard Louisiana the same day Katrina.

The director of the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness emphasized the importance of finding safety now, referencing Katrina’s impact.

“A lot of people remember what happened 16 years ago,” he said. “It’s time to hunker down tonight and be where you need to be.” As Ida indicates major devastation in its rapid growth, we can only hope our fellow Louisiana Outsiders remain unharmed by the storm’s effects.