Walmart Employee Goes Full UFC Mode on Doe That Wandered Into Store

by Amy Myers

Not many of us would volunteer to tackle a full-grown deer in the middle of a store. But this Walmart employee decided to step up to the plate when a doe wandered into the department store.

Urbanization and construction are bringing wild animals and humans closer than ever before. Not surprisingly, this has caused the original inhabitants of the regions to explore the concrete and asphalt developments. While most of the time, this only results in a passive sighting, sometimes, the animal gets a little too courageous and wanders into a potentially dangerous situation.

That’s how this doe ended up on the ground of a Walmart store.

The video surfaced on TikTok where it quickly went viral, mainly for the responding employee’s quick thinking. The clip begins when the Walmart employee has already wrestled the deer to the ground. Pinning the deer’s legs underneath its body, the do-gooder successfully secured the safety of nearby shoppers while detaining the wild animal without causing it any injury. Naturally, the doe did struggle a bit from underneath the woman’s hold, probably unsure if she was in the grasp of a predator.

Watch the takedown below.

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Walmart Employees and Customers Likely Weren’t in Any Immediate Danger

It’s not clear how the incident ended, but our theory is that Walmart’s staff called animal control to help safely transfer the deer back to the wild and away from any other shops with automatic doors.

The original TikToker noted that bystanders were pretty nervous when the woman showed off her wrestling moves. While this is an understandable reaction when a wild animal enters an urban area, it seemed there wasn’t any real danger. Does tend to be pretty docile by nature. In fact, in a risky situation, they will almost always choose to run rather than fight, unless they have a fawn with them. This doe was all by herself in the store and was likely trying to find the exit, too.

Walmart Employee Deserves Raise After Detaining Doe

Whether the woman was a greeter, cashier or supervisor, she deserves big raise or at least a good bonus. Had she not captured the deer, it’s possible it could have panicked, risking injury to itself as well as surrounding two-legged patrons.

And tackling a deer just isn’t as easy as she made it seem.

In the comments of the video, TikTokers agreed that the Walmart employee needed some sort of compensation for her valiant efforts.

“How much Walmart paying her for this service? Cause No!!!” one viewer exclaimed.

“She better got promoted to corporate after this too,” another suggested.

Whatever the outcome for the brave woman, hopefully, this was the last animal she needed to wrangle within the store.