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Washington DFW Rescues Young Deer Wandering Through Neighborhood With Arrow Through Its Neck

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by RJ Sangosti/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

A recent photo of a juvenile deer went viral—but this is not a photo to bring a smile to your face.

In Washington state, residents witnessed a young black-tail deer roaming the streets with an arrow pierced through its neck. Thankfully, it only suffered a flesh wound, but it could’ve ended up being much more serious.

A Washington resident called the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to report the little guy galloping through the neighborhood. Once help arrived, they successfully got a dart in, removed the arrow, and took the deer somewhere safe.

On February 10, the organization shared the event on its Facebook page. The caption reads, “WDFW Officers Stout and Ludwig responded to a call for service of a deer with an arrow stuck in it in a neighborhood in Skagit County. The deer was located and immobilized so that the injury could be assessed. And the arrow was removed. Once the arrow was safely removed the deer was set free in a more suitable location.”

Of course, followers of the page shared gratitude for the animal’s rescue and thanked rescuers for their success. “Glad it was helped and set free again,” one person wrote.

Wisconsin Man Saves Deer Stranded on Frozen Lake

Late last month, an animal lover posted a 2020 video of a Wisconsin resident pushing a deer off a frozen lake a few days before Christmas.

On his way home from lunch, Gil Lencour, saw the animal sitting in the middle of the lake with no help in sight. Lencour worked hard to save the helpless animal, while his friend, John Moss recorded the event. Lencour wore slip-resistant ice cleat devices over his boots as he pushed the animal to safety.

His friend and boss, Moss, informed Fox 19 that he started recording once he felt Lencour had no problem pushing the deer. Although Lencour looked pretty tired at one point, Moss began cheering him on. Then, he let his friend know he was “two-thirds of the way to dry land. 

As the deer attempted to stand up, Lencour began pushing. He estimated that the animal weighed around 90 pounds. Once they made it off the ice, the animal took off over railroad tracks. The deer rescuer revealed that a big smile spread across his face as he watched the creature gallop away.

Both men wondered how long the female deer stayed on the frozen water. He was also glad to catch the heroic event in a cell phone video. Moss posted the video to social media, calling his friend Gil Lencour “The Deer Rescuer.” Sounds like Lencour has his superhero name all ready to go!

One Twitter commenter, said, “Gosh, that’s hard to do. Maintain a hold on the deer and keep balanced on the ice simultaneously. What a wonderful man.”