WATCH: 17 Brown Bears Have Feeding Frenzy on Salmon in Alaska River

by Megan Molseed

It seems to be a bit of a buffet party for a group of bears amid one of the world’s most gorgeous backdrops. Live footage recently captured a group of seventeen Coastal brown Bears feasting on an abundance of salmon. The massive furry hunters were captured congregating at Alaska’s Katmai National Park.

This part has been known to be one of the best places in the world for the Coastal Brown Bears to fish for their delicious food-staple. In fact, the area is so ideal for this kind of hunting, there is even a live webcam of the waterfall where bears can usually be found fishing. This unique setup allows people from all over the world to catch a glimpse of the amazing sight.

A Breathtaking Sight

The amazing footage features seventeen Coastal Brown bears congregating in one area around a waterfall during a gorgeously clear day in Alaska. The salmon is lively as it jumps upstream. Some land right into a bear’s mouth. While others are caught by the hungry feeders. The bears easily navigate the current as they find their spots within the water. Some simply wade in the water below the waterfall. Others pace back and forth. Seeking the perfect spot to catch their next meal. Others, however, stand atop the waterfall letting the salmon’s own ritual of swimming “upstream” work to their advantage. There are moments in the video where some of the bears can be seen seamlessly catching a jumping salmon as the fish attempts to swim up the fall.

This breathtaking national park is one of the best places to catch a moment such as this. The Alaskan Salmon runs through the summer. Depending on the species of salmon. The season officially kicks off in May as King Salmon begins to make their appearances. The season continues as Silver salmon becomes more abundant during the later months. Most of what the Coastal Brown Bears eat during these fishing expeditions are Coho Salmon and Sockeye Salmon. The peak Salmon season in Alaska usually continues into the fall months. Many of the species are still ripe for the catch in early November.

Coastal Brown Bears vs. Grizzlies

Coastal Brown bears tend to feed primarily on fatty and nutrient-rich salmon. The Coastal Brown bear towers over its cousin, the Grizzly Bear. The Grizzly Bear tends to follow a diet of mostly berries, nuts, or worms. Grizzlies catch trout out of the streams when they can. However, they are not huge fishers like their Coastal Brown Bear cousins.

A Coastal Brown bear growing up along the Alaskan shore grows up to 1,200 pounds due to their salmon-focused diets. Grizzlies, however, tend to range a bit smaller at around 600-800 pounds.