WATCH: 18-Month-Old Girl Rescued After Drifting Nearly a Mile Out to Sea, Parents were ‘Distracted’

by Shelby Scott

An 18-month-old girl was rescued off the coast of Tunisia after her parents got “momentarily distracted” on the beach shores of Kelibia. Once her parents realized she was missing, they approached local authorities who proceeded to launch a rescue mission. Watch as the authorities recover the little girl.

First responders and other volunteers, including an individual on a jet ski, assisted in locating the girl and bringing her to safety. According to the New York Post, the toddler was recovered unharmed, though distressed as seen in the video.

According to the article, the family had been spending a personal day at the beach in Kelibia. Authorities assumed that the strong winds on the country’s northeast coast swept the girl almost a mile out to sea. In the video, we see rescuers pulling her from an intact inner tube and loading her onto the jet ski.

How to Prevent Other Children From This 18-Month-Old Girl’s Fate

It’s hot this time of year, unbearably hot in certain parts of the world, and people are heading to their closest beach in droves. That being said, it’s important to make sure your family trip doesn’t lead to the loss of your little ones. Below we’ve provided some helpful tips on keeping your kiddos safe at the beach.

Because babies and toddlers are experiencing everything for the first time, they are frequently attracted to water. It engages the sensory aspect of their brains and as parents, we can’t exactly blame them. It’s shiny, which serves as visual stimulation. It moves which engages their sense of touch. And especially at the beach, it engages children’s auditory senses.

All of these things are important for learning purposes, however, keeping them safe when by the water is crucial. In this instance, there were no casualties. However, the toddler years pose a higher drowning risk than any other developmental stage of a child’s life.

Precautionary Measures

The first, and probably the most simple, step to take when near the water with your toddler is what the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) calls “touch supervision.” Overall, this means you should try not to allow a child this young in or near the water without being in arm’s reach of them. further recommends assigning what they refer to as a “water watcher.” This refers to a responsible adult who is in charge of being near the pool, lake, etc. as long as there are children playing in the water. Should something happen, there is always someone nearby to react.

One final, and super simple, precautionary measure are life jackets. These simple yet lifesaving vests keep a child’s head above water until someone is able to come to their rescue. Babies and toddlers especially should have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved lifejacket on when in or nearby any body of water.