WATCH: 3 Guys Rescue Cow Stuck in Tree Following Hurricane Ida

by Kati Michelle

Cows can end up in some pretty strange situations. It wasn’t too long ago that one was spotted in the back seat of a car at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru. Across the world, a sandy beach was shut down after being overrun by “unusually aggressive cows” that actually injured multiple tourists. And we’ve all seen the iconic scenes of cows swirling around and around, stuck in a tornado’s grand force. But have you ever seen a cow stuck in a tree? You might be thinking, “Holy cow! How did that even happen?” Well, we have Hurricane Ida to thank for that one.

The Official Twitter Page of St. Bernard Parish Government of Chalmette, Louisiana recently shared the oddity with the public. What’s more, they caught the whole thing on tape. Just outside of New Orleans, Chalmette is home to approximately 16,000 people. Three of those people are now heroes: Tyler Acosta, David Palmer, and Roy Ragan, Sr. In the video, they can be seen carrying out the bovine rescue. Weighing hundreds of pounds, lifting the surprisingly docile creature just wasn’t an option. Instead, they had to meticulously carve away at branches to help the cow free itself. The 31-second clip ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, but rest assured our cow friend is free. It’s not entirely clear how long the cow had been stuck. In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, it’s actually not entirely unlikely to see this scenario pan out in other towns as well.

Hurricane Ida Wreaks Havoc For Gulf Cows

In another Louisiana parish nearby, Derek Billiot is a Good Samaritan carrying on the same mission as the trio above. While he has typically worked on people rescues in the past, he says, thankfully, that isn’t an issue or major concern at this moment. The citizens seem to be doing just fine, so he couldn’t ignore the other problem at hand. Billiot’s sights are set on rescuing as many cows as possible that were displaced by Hurricane Ida. Equipped with an airboat and some buddies, Billiot is hard at work.

“We’re actually rescuing the cattle. So we got about 300 head of cattle that [were] out here that we couldn’t get out from the back pastures in time before the storm came in, being that it was a quickly developing storm,” said Billiot. He continued on to explain that cows have feelings too and their lives matter. Moreover, livestock is a big part of a lot of locals’ livelihood, so the mission is urgent.

You can catch him in action and hear his thoughts down below: