Watch: 3-Legged Bear Steals Diet Coke from Garage

by Chris Haney

Recently, a home surveillance camera captured footage of a thirsty three-legged black bear on the prowl looking to quench its thirst while snooping around a Florida home.

The large animal ended up in the homeowner’s garage, stealing a Diet Coke from the Central Florida resident. On Monday around 8:30 a.m., the three-legged bear walked into the home’s open garage. The house is located just off Markham Woods Road in Longwood, FL.

The furry beast grabbed a two-liter of Diet Coke with his mouth and attempted to carry it away to safety. Supposedly, the homeowner said the bear is seen regularly around their neighborhood.

Fox 35 Orlando shared the funny video:

Hilarious Video Shows Bear Up in Tree Going Number Two on Hunter Down Below

In other recent bear-related news, one unlucky hunter in Maine got more than he bargained for when a scared black bear climbed up a tree and used the bathroom – on top of the hunter’s head.

On the last day of the 2017 bear season in Maine, a group of hunters and their dogs chased a black bear up a tall tree. The large animal was likely hunted as part of annual maintenance for population control and the ecological stability of the area.

In the video, viewers can see the furry animal scurry up the tree before releasing itself from high up. The group of hunters roll with laughter as they immediately realize the bear defecated all over one of their friends.

As dogs bark in the background and the hunters laugh, the unlucky hunter named Andrew moves away from the tree.

One of the hunters tells Andrew over the collective laughter, “It’s all on camera, it’s all on tape.”

Another hunter then chimes in between laughing saying, “It’s down your face, it’s down your neck! Oh, my god.”

Andrew takes off his backpack and throws his dirty hat on the ground as he inspects himself after the incident.

[H/T FOX 35]