WATCH: 7-Year-Old Kills First Buck, Immediately Calls Grandfather

by Atlanta Northcutt

A proud father documented the journey of his 7-year-old son shooting his first buck, and we absolutely love it. After striking the deer with a bow, the young boy immediately calls his grandfather to tell him the exciting news.

Ryder Joins Dad for His First Hunt of the 2020 Season

Ryder Gile, 7, joined his first big hunt of the season with his dad on Oct. 4, 2020.

The pair had named two bucks Tripod and Rocket. The bucks appeared in front of the ground blind’s camera several times between 2019 and 2020. The father and son took cover and waited for one of them to show up.

Along with their weapons of choice, the two were armed with Red-Bulls and snacks, waiting for the deer to arrive.

While dressed in camouflage and geared up for the hunt, the pair only spotted a fawn and a few does where the two bucks had previously been seen before.

The next hunting date wasn’t until Oct. 26. The father and son team woke up early and made their way to the ground blind in below-freezing weather with snow coating the ground. They waited for another buck, Grade Eight, who’d made his way around the area in the previous years before.

But yet again, only fawn and does appear despite the chilly weather and snow on the ground.

On the Hunt for Tripod and Rocket

On Nov. 14, the weather was perfect for hunting, and both father and son set out with hopes of a successful harvest.

A young buck came close, but not close enough to shoot as they watched more fawns and does make their way throughout the forest.

Finally, the next night, on Nov. 15, Ryder ended up being more successful with celebration on its way.

The pair continued to wait for one of the two bucks they’d been searching for the previous night. More activity was to come that afternoon and evening.

Several does and fawn came out of the brush to eat the corn the father had scattered on the ground, but there were still no bucks turning up.

As the sun goes down, more does continue to appear in front of the blind. Ryder and his dad can continuously hear rustling from behind the shield.

Ryder Finally Lands His Buck

“I tell Ryder that the movement behind the blind has to be a buck,” says Ryder’s dad, Jared Gile, in the video. “He immediately decides he’ll shoot anything with antlers if it presents a good shot.”

The two discover the same eight-pointer they spotted earlier in the day. As the buck continues to walk in front of the blind, Ryder aims, shoots, and fires, striking the deer.

The Boys of the Family Celebrate Ryder’s Achievement

He immediately call his grandfather filled with pride and excitement.

“Hi Papa. I just shot one!” exclaims Ryder.

“You did?” asks his Papa with surprise. “Good! Good deal!”

“It wasn’t Grade Eight or Eleven,” responds Ryder. “But it was a nice 4×4.”

He’s congratulated by his Papa.

Ryder’s grandfather, dad, brother, and the proud, successful young hunter all met up to celebrate and take photos with the 7-year-old’s first deer.

Memories Outdoors With Those We Love Are What We Cherish Most

Yes, the harvest is exciting, but what is even more special is the moments and memories the family had together. Those precious times outdoors will last a lifetime, no matter if you land the biggest buck of your life or go home empty-handed.

Of course, Ryder’s dad was realistic about the whole thing. He gave viewers of his video some advice to remember when taking their kiddos on the hunt:
1. If it’s below 40 F, don’t take ’em. (Solid advice. Have you ever dealt with a child who is freezing? Spoiler alert: The day is ruined quickly)
2. Only take one child at a time, so you can devote your full attention to that child. And so they don’t have someone to fight with. (Another important tip – this guy knows what he’s doing. While we love a full family affair, kids get snippy at each other. Better bonding can happen if you build those individual connections. Plus, nothing’s worse than missing a kill because you’re too focused on arguing )

Congrats Ryder! Here’s to many more hunts and family memories. You have the Outsider attitude — you know the best moments are shared with those we love, in the place we love: the deer stand, of course.