WATCH: Adorable Spotted Skunk Hilariously Performs Handstand for Trail Camera

by Kati Michelle

Trail cameras have captured some really interesting situations over the years. A hungry wolf tried eating one of the cameras in Yellowstone, a Michigan deer turned into an acrobat, and then there was that one Virginia bear seeming to be living his best life. The most recent captured footage making rounds on the internet isn’t focused on bears, bucks, or moose. Instead, it showcases one of nature’s smelliest little friends. What’s more, the creature is captured in action, performing an incredible stunt that’s hard to believe.

The Trail Camera Skunk Olympics

It’s a shame that the 2021 Summer Olympics wrapped up at the beginning of August last month. This skunk is sure to have brought Team USA back some serious gold. What event, might you ask? Gymnastics, of course. This surprising trail camera footage captured the spotted skunk performing an awkward and hilarious handstand. The creature’s feet and bushy tail are completely supported up in the air by the incredible muscle strength of its front two paws. Its eyes glow in the shots captured in the middle of the night. We’ll let you decide if that’s more along the lines of “cute” or “creepy.” The trail camera video also features an upbeat music track to accompany the stellar performance.

The quirky video comes from the Center for Biological Diversity. You can watch it here:

So Many Skunks

If it looks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, it’s definitely a normal skunk, right? Not necessarily, reports CNN. Actually, scientists are now saying there are more skunk species out there than originally thought. They cite new research published as recently as this month. So, the Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution authority hold that there are at least seven different spotted skunk species. It’s quite possible this number could change. A study author and collections manager of mammals at the Field Museum in Chicago offered his comment on the new findings:

“North America is one of the most-studied continents in terms of mammals, and carnivores are one of the most-studied groups” relays Adam Ferguson. “Everyone thinks we know everything about mammalian carnivore systematics, so being able to redraw the skunk family tree is very exciting.”

Like the one in the trail camera, spotted skunks are directly related to the common striped skunk. They are, however, a little smaller. You can find them strewn about most of North America. Still, you might be wondering: what’s up with the handstands? The acrobatic act actually comes as a survival instinct. Performing the dramatic motion can scare nasty predators away by making the tiny skunk seem a lot bigger and more intimidating than it actually is. They’ll even take on mountain lions if there’s food to be fought over. So the next time skunk trivia comes up, you’ll shine. The more you know!