WATCH: Adorable Toddler Shows Off His Horseshoeing Skills That Would Make ‘Yellowstone’ Stars Proud

by Evan Reier

It can be easy to think certain skills like horseshoeing aren’t being passed down to modern generations. One toddler shows that’s not completely true.

In a video posted by PBR, a young tike is seen taking care of business in an adorable fashion. Messy blonde hair and bathing shorts are all he needs to get the job done. The job? Horseshoeing, or, more specifically in this case, the cleaning of a horseshoe. The account posted it late Friday morning, May 14.

“If you need new shoes on your horse, we know a guy,” PBR captioned the post. Based on the video, there’s no doubt that he’s up to the task of horseshoeing. Does he also ride? Because we would love to see that.

It starts with the lad pounding away at the buildup on an equine’s hoof. After his supervisor says he’s gotten enough done, he then gets handed the brush and gets to work.

The idea of the video is adorable enough, but the difference in size between the youngster and the horse only adds to the cuteness. That’s no small horse, and watching it have a horseshoe tucked between the kid’s legs is just fantastic.

This may not be the norm these days, but it’s still great to see skills like horseshoeing being passed down. Especially when they’re getting started as early as this guy is.

Fans Can’t Get Enough of the Horseshoeing

This comes to no surprise, but many folks couldn’t help but share their love for the video. After all, it is the cutest thing anyone’s going to see all day.

User @HannahB44725839 might have the perfect caption with a emphasis on the “little.”

“Aw ! It’s a wittle cowboy.” she wrote.

@dbackley1 and several others commented on getting him working at a young age.

“Love to see a youngster learn, makes for passing what they learn on,” he wrote.

@Mikeruth28 also added a similar sentiment.

“Teach them young, they have a skill for life. The world needs Ferrari‘s,” he replied.

And @AndryLoretta said what we were all thinking, besides, “Dang, that’s cute.”

“He looks like he knows what to do!”