WATCH: Alaskan Locals Miraculously Kept Beached Whale Alive For Six Hours Waiting For The Tide to Roll In

by Shelby Scott

With permission from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a group of Alaskan locals kept a beached orca alive for six hours until she could return to the water. The save took place Thursday of last week. One of the women who assisted in keeping the whale alive shared a TikTok showing the chain of events. In the end, viewers receive the contentment of knowing the whale returned to its ocean home.


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According to, orca whales are “incredibly athletic” and can weigh up to 11,000 pounds. However, the high tide stranded the whale about four to five feet above sea level and she was unable to free herself. It was found along the coast of Prince Wales Island, Alaska.

The United States Coastguard was made aware of the situation following an Alaskan ship’s discovery of the animal. The outlet further stated that the crew and another group of locals helped in keeping the whale alive. The group used a pump, hose, and buckets to keep the whale wet at the guidance of the NOAA.

The TikTok takes in the location of the beached whale. She further takes in the group of people who came to help keep the animal survive. The clip also features a little narrative via caption as to the order of events. The TikToker shared that Alaskan tides range from 15-20 feet and that they change every six hours.

However, she also wrote that there had been an earthquake in another part of Alaska. Professionals suggested the quake could have altered the regular flow of the tides. Nevertheless, the whale survives its ordeal and is able to free itself after a six-hour rescue mission.

The Beached Whale Rescue Began with a Bucket

As ridiculous as it sounds, the group of sailors who discovered the whale and the team of locals who came to help out began their save by soaking the whale with large white buckets. Fortunately, it was only for a short time that the team had to sling buckets of water over the orca. Soon enough, the ship’s crew got a pump and hose running to more consistently soak the whale.

According to, the ragtag crew was relieved once officials arrived with equipment better suited to the situation. The latter part of the TikTok shows a sprinkler set up beside the orca, providing her a constant stream of water to best help in keeping her alive.

However, despite the utilization of the sprinkler, the video shows the whale’s gratefulness after one rescuer dumps a bucket of water over her back. Following, she released a short, sweet vocalization that appears as contentment once her body temperature began to drop.

While the orca’s little noise truly does appear as a “thank you,” she was actually found to be reaching out to other nearby orcas who began gathering in the area at the discovery of their stranded friend. Nevertheless, she was able to return, unharmed, to the ocean.