WATCH: Alligator Thrashes Family’s Doorstep, Damages Home in Fight with Trapper

by Jon D. B.

“I’m still amazed that this man was in his sandals doing this!” Steffany Spratling says of the Florida alligator trapper. “That gator put up a fight.”

Only in Florida is a professional trapper foolhardy brave enough to tackle an 8-foot alligator in flip-flops. The resulting footage is expectedly intense. Thankfully, however, the only casualty is this Brevard County’s landscaping and home entrance.

Steffany Spratling of Rockledge, Florida says she and her husband were sleeping before their dog began panic-barking around 2 a.m. Thursday morning.

“We thought someone was outside. My husband started looking out of the window that my dog was standing at but couldn’t see anything,” she tells the outlet of where their faithful canine, Capone, stood guard.

Gator fights while being taken by trapper, damages Florida home
Steffany Spratling says she was sleeping when the family dog started barking at something outside. That’s when she turned on the porch light and found a nearly 8-foot gator at her doorstep!

Fox 35 Orlando

It’s a good thing Capone was so relentless in his guard, too. Awaiting the family outside was the thrashing, 8-foot alligator seen above. The Spratlings would see it for themselves after turning on the front porch light. Their initial sighting, seen in the footage below, is just as eerie.

After calling authorities, the flip-flopped trapper seen above would arrive on the scene. Once at their Rockledge home, the Florida man got to work – with the gator putting up one hell of a fight.

8-Foot Alligator vs Flip-Flopped Trapper

It takes a certain degree of confidence (see: through the roof) to show up to an 8-foot gator fight in your flip-flops. But this is exactly how the Florida trapper showed for the Spratlings, who were happy to see him nonetheless.

“I’m still amazed that this man was in his sandals doing this!” Steffany exclaims for FOX 35. “That gator put up a fight.”

That gator, however, was far less enthusiastic. In the prior footage, the large beast begins thrashing about with lightning speed. American alligators are typically seen as massive, lumberingly-slow reptiles – when in reality they are immensely quick powerhouses. Thrashing like this on land is a precursor to the species’ main kill tactic: the gator roll. Once an alligator clamps down on its foe, they begin twisting their body into a cyclone of thrashing rolls until their prey is completely battered beyond any hope.

As the Spratling’s visitor did so, “rocks started flying and his tail even put a dent in their outside pillar,” Steffany says.

Below, you can see their initial discovery of the large gator as he waits calmly outside their front door.

Large alligator makes late-night stop at Central Florida home.

Fox 35 Orlando

FOX 35 reports another alligator’s removal from Spratling’s Florida subdivision for being a nuisance, as well. But Steffany says she hasn’t seen a gator of this size locally since last summer.