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WATCH: Alligator Chomps GoPro, Gives Terrifying Close Up Look Inside Gator Bite

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Caryn Levy/PGA)

Don’t try this at home, kids. A professional wildlife photographer accidentally demonstrated just how powerful the jaws of an alligator are when he placed his GoPro a little too close to the massive reptile.

Bobby Wummer was on assignment at the Big Cypress National Preserve when he caught the incredible yet terrifying clip. In it, the gator wraps its jaws around the camera and takes a bite before releasing it. Thankfully, Wummer wasn’t directly holding the GoPro when the alligator chomped at it. Instead, the camera was attached to a 12-foot extension pole. So, while Wummer feared that he would lose his pricey camera, he was at least a safe distance from the curious reptile.

And good thing, too. A gator bite has the strength of 2125 pounds per square inch, roughly powerful enough to cut through steel, per Metro. Despite the incredible strength of the reptile’s jaws, Wummer’s GoPro only sustained minor damage. According to the photographer, the gator was only testing the camera to see if it was edible. Once it realized it wasn’t a snack, the animal spit the equipment right out.

“I was lucky and didn’t play tug of war which would have probably been the end of camera! The alligator then realized that the camera was not food and he released the camera,” Wummer told Fox News.

Fellow GoPro Adventurer Gets Dangerously Close to an Alligator

Wummer isn’t the only one with a Go-Pro that came in close contact with an alligator. An adventurer by the stage name of “The Gator Crusader” willingly put his head incredibly close to the reptile’s massive jaws to demonstrate what it looks like on the inside of a gator bite.

“The Gator Crusader once again lives up to his name as the Craziest and most eccentric Alligator Handler in Florida,” the YouTube channel shared. “To be the weird one…IN FLORIDA…is quite the accomplishment. This time he wants to demonstrate the power and ferocity of the Swamp’s APEX PREDATOR : The Alligator!”

The Gator Crusader’s actual name is Michael Womer of Orlando, Florida, who also calls himself “the rock star of the alligator world.” Clearly, the rockstar doesn’t have any fears when it comes to a gator’s 80 conical teeth. Womer waltzed down the aisle of open-mouthed gators. Then he decided to stick his head, with a GoPro mounted on top, into the mouth of one of the willing subjects.

After a few heartbeats, the reptile slowly closed its jaws around the camera. All the while, The Gator Crusader calmly let the animal investigate the equipment with its deadly teeth.

“I feel like Doc Brown wearing this thing,” Womer joked in the video. “OK, let’s go try it!”