WATCH: Alligator Scares Absolute Daylights Out of Unsuspecting Fishermen in Viral Video

by Courtney Blackann

There’s nothing that will get the blood pumping quite like witnessing a set of jaws emerging out of dark, swampy waters. However, a couple recreational fishers in the Florida Everglades got to experience just that. The group came face to face with a large alligator. And everyone responded appropriately – with several choice expletives.

In a video posted to TikTok, it appears a couple and their friends are casually fishing over an embankment. The team of people seem rather excited as an alligator gar, a type of fish with a long snout and teeth, is sniffing around their lures.

However, when the camera operator zooms out, a dark shape appears in the water. Mere feet from the fishers, a huge alligator takes form in the murky water.

While the gator seems unfazed and calm, the group of people gasped and backed away. One girl from the group says, “I almost got eaten by an alligator!”

The alligator gently raises its head at one point, but never makes any sudden movements.

The fishers are rather lucky they caught the sighting and remain unharmed.

When Alligators Do Attack

While alligators inhabit much of the southern United States, Floridians seem more unlucky when it comes to gator attacks in recent years.

This past June, a cyclist was riding along a section of the Halpatiokee Regional Park. The rider lost control and fell into the nearby water.

Unluckily, the spot happened to be where a 9-foot alligator was resting. The alligator attacked the biker -probably due to its surprise at the incoming person or a potential nearby nest. The cyclist suffered severe injuries. The biker was then taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

In another incident, a Florida man was bitten by an alligator while hunting. This time, though, the man was intentionally targeting alligators by attempting to “hook” it. It is illegal to use firearms to hunt the animals in Florida. Therefore, the hooking method is the proper way to catch them.

After hooking the gator, it unexpectedly latched onto the man’s arm with its forceful jaws. Thus, crushing bones and causing severe damage.

The man was able to eventually free his arm. His friend and fellow hunter helped pry the gator’s jaws open with a metal rod. After a successful surgical procedure, the Florida man did not lose his hand. However, the incident left the man questioning whether or not he would be back to hunt gators again.