WATCH: Alligator’s Bellow Looks Like Something Straight Out of Jurassic Park

by Amy Myers

As if alligators weren’t intimidating enough, their bellows will make you feel like you’re witnessing a dinosaur come back to life.

Recently, several TikTokers have caught these giant reptiles as they vibrate the surrounding waters and let loose a low growl. The sounds can range from a soft grumble to a downright deafening call, and all of them demonstrate just how powerful these scaly creatures are.

One of the more recent demonstrations was from a gator named Brutus at the Gulfarium Marine Park in Florida. Brutus is just one of the park’s resident reptiles, and he felt the need to communicate his size by releasing a water-rippling, spine-tingling bellow.

‘Brutus is letting everyone know he is the biggest alligator around with these low-pitched vocalizations!” the park explained.

Take a listen below.

@gulfariumofficial Brutus is letting everyone know he is the biggest gator around with these low-pitched vocalizations! #americanalligator #gulfarium #aquarium ♬ original sound – GulfariumOfficial

According to EarthSky, gators use this vocal technique to avoid any “unpromising contests” for mates and breeding territories. So, instead of gnashing teeth and claws, they let out a low rumble to see who’s got the bigger chops. If the smaller gator knows what’s good for him, he’ll continue on to a different area or mate.

Viewers Share Hilarious Reactions to Alligator Video

Not surprisingly, Brutus’ impressive bellow caught many unsuspecting viewers off-guard. As a result, some fellow TikTokers decided to take notes on what to avoid while patrolling any of Florida’s swampy waters.

“Note to self: get out of water when carbonated,” one viewer joked, referring to the bubbling water surrounding Brutus.

Meanwhile, others thought that the alligator’s bellows sounded oddly familiar, suggestions ranging from famous dinosaur movie franchises to a cold engine turning over.

Another viewer wrote, “now I know where Jurassic park got their sound effects.”

“sounds like a v8 trying to start up,” a third added.

This isn’t the only gator bellow that’s caught TikTok’s attention lately. In a separate clip from Gatorland alligator park in Orlando, an even bigger reptile lifted its head out of the water, preparing for the massive rumble it was about to create.

Sure enough, he dipped his body into the water and let loose a boisterous bellow again and again. In the last couple of instances, a few other gators wandered nearby, but none seemed to want to face off against the monstrous reptile dominating the water beside them.

@gatorland Sound On 🔈🔈🔈@savannahboan #tipsandtricks #gatorland #orlando #florida #alligator #crocodile #cocodrilo #naturedocumentary ♬ Ticking – TIN

Responses for the Gatorland soundtrack were pretty similar to that of the Gulfarium. Viewers compared the noises to dinosaurs and V8 engines. But one TikToker worried more about hearing those alligator sounds in the dead of night.

“Imagine camping and hearing that at night,” the watcher wrote.

Hopefully, no one’s setting up camp beside a swamp. But just in case, you may want to practice a bellow of your own to assert dominance.