WATCH: Angler Hooks Monster, 600-Pound Black Marlin From a Kayak Off Coast of Panama

by Jonathan Howard

Remind me to never go fishing for black marlin in a kayak. One angler found out off the coast of Panama how wild that experience can be. Any time you fish in deep waters, monsters could be lurking just below in the great outdoors. It’s the stuff of nightmares, stories, and myths. Hats off to Scott Mutchler for this absolutely massive catch.

Kayak fishing is a little different than most fishing. Not only can it be very scary, due to the small size of the boat, but the rules aren’t the same when you consider what a “catch” is. So, Mutchler knew what he needed to do. Hook a fish, bring it up to the leader and hand off the rod where it can be unhooked, or have the line cut.

Los Buzos is the fishing guide group that took Mutchler and others out. About two miles off the coast, the group started to spot marlin. After catching a bonito, Scott knew what he was going to do. He hooked that six-pound fish and sent it off to be seen as easy bait.

What he hooked was a fish that weighed 100x more than the one he put on the end of his hook as bait. The black marlin struck and struck hard, moving the small kayak around and Mutchler stayed true.

Check out the video below and see it for yourself.

Any time you go up against an animal that has roughly 400 pounds on you, safety is key. While this small kayak was out there in the deep blue waters, there was a lead boat for the safety of those fishing. So, all was good in case things went awry. However, Scott had to keep his line straight, the fish in front of him, and a strong grip on the reel.

Fisherman Amazed by Black Marlin Catch

Of course, Mutchler was taken back by the fish. It was a once-in-a-lifetime hook and catch. After the fact, he talked about his experience with Field & Stream. While his wife is likely sick of watching the video, I don’t think that’s going to keep him from playing it for the rest of his life.

“My first thought was when he breached was just the sheer enormity of the size of the fish,” Mutchler said. “And the next thought was how incredibly beautiful and majestic they are. They’re gold, blue, black, and silver and they have these gigantic eyes and a really big bill. Seeing it up close and in person was breathtaking.”

When you go out into deep waters, you dream of getting into these kinds of fights with a sea monster. That black marlin is insanely impressive and to do it from a 13-foot boat is just that much more badass. I bet Scott’s already itching for another trip out.