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WATCH: Angry Bear Nearly Runs Down Skier in Horrifying Firsthand Video

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Gareth Fuller/PA Images via Getty Images)

Recently, a skier at a resort in Romania captured terrifying footage of a huge brown bear chasing him down a ski slope.

The video opens up with the bear coming towards the camera operator and about a dozen other skiers. The animal pops up over a snowy ledge and at first, doesn’t seem to be a menace. However, the encounter takes a scary turn.

The huge bear ignores the rest of the skiers and zeroes in on its target. As the person continues to film and ski away from the animal, the bear runs after them. It comes within just a few feet of the skier as they hold their ski poles up in a defensive stance.

The skier takes off down the slope and gets a bit of distance between themself and the bear. Yet it continues to charge after the skier at a full gallop. The video seems to cut in and out a couple of times. It’s impressive the skier was able to control the camera under the circumstances. But it’s uncertain how long and how far the large animal followed in pursuit.

Eventually, the chase does indeed come to an end. The brown bear pumps the brakes and spins out in the snow. It then leaves the ski slope as it walks slowly into the woods.

“BEAR CHASE: A skier captured the terrifying moment he was chased by a bear at a resort in Romania,” CBS News wrote on Twitter along with the clip of the bear chase.

Grizzly Bear Captured Protecting Her Cubs

Last week, a photographer shared an incredible moment of a mother grizzly bear protecting her cubs. In June 2020, nature photographer Kunal Singh captured the moment while shooting in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.

He caught Grizzly 399, one of the oldest known living grizzly bears. Singh spoke to the Southwest News Service (SWNS) and stated that he wasn’t planning on taking such an impressive series of photos that day. In fact, he said he was in the national park simply looking to take some “nice pictures” when he came across the mother bear and her cubs.

“My adrenaline was going when I saw her stood up because it was a once-in-a-lifetime shot,” Singh. “She’s an incredible animal, an apex predator, and the most famous grizzly bear alive. I went out with the aim of getting some nice pictures, but I never could have hoped to get anything that good.”

“This photograph doesn’t need much of a narrative and tells its own story. Grizzly 399 + 4 cubs. June 2020,” Singh shared with his Instagram followers.