WATCH: Australian Robber Crab Snaps Golfer’s Driver in Half

by Megan Molseed

There are some things we can be absolutely sure of. One is that a good game of golf can sometimes beget some impressive stories. Another thing is that robber crabs are something to never mess with once they get a grip on something.

Put these two scenarios together, then add a video clip, and you have quite the impressive scenario on your hands!

In a hilarious but terrifying video, one Australian robber crab seems to have an affinity for golf clubs. And, this crabby robber has no intention of getting his own set!

In the strange video, we see a robber crab as it climbs up a golf bag while a group was playing on an area course.

The video begins with one of the members of the golfing group introducing the scene to the viewer.

The golfer manning the video notes that one of the players had just stepped up to the greens…and when he returned to his clubs there was the unusual guest, a gigantic robber crab.

Is This Robber Crab Looking To Play A Round?

This crab is HUGE, too. It looks like he is gripping the entire set of clubs within the bag with his claws and his legs.

“And that’s why we call it a robber crab,” the golfer says in the unbelievable video.

After closer inspection, the golfers see that the wayward crab has quite a hold on a driver inside the bag of golf clubs.

Who knows if the crustacean wanted to simply flex its muscles; or whether or not he was looking to join the group by customizing his own driver out of one already on the course.

Either way, it’s terrifying to see how effortlessly the robber crab snaps the club into two pieces. Seriously, the frightening critter snapped that driver like a twig!

The golfers in the video find the scenario to be quite amusing, which some golfers may find to be terrifying in itself. I mean, watching your club get split in two by a robber crab would send many players over the edge!

Of course, maybe these guys were willing to sacrifice the driver in exchange for the truly unique story. Who wouldn’t retell the tale of a robber crab stealing a club…and then splitting it in two!

These Crustaceans Have Earned Their Name!

According to very in-depth research on Wikipedia of these robber crabs by BroBible, the handsy critters – who are also known as coconut crabs – are “the largest terrestrial arthropod in the world.”

The robber crab has been known to grow as big as three feet wide; weighing up to as much as nine pounds.

These grabby ocean creatures sustain primarily on “fleshy fruits, nuts, and seeds. The crafty critters are feed on the “pith of fallen trees.”

It is said that the robber crab tends to find pretty much “anything left unattended on the ground” as a source of potential food.

It’s certainly not uncommon to find the crafty crustaceans as they examine pretty much anything they can reach; checking to see if they can eat it. This, of course, is how the crabs became known as “robber” crabs.