WATCH: Avid Climber Captures Gripping Footage Scaling Thousands of Feet of Rock in New Hampshire

by Madison Miller

One gripping climber captured the moment in which he reached some pretty amazing new heights.

Noah Kane is a 22-year-old climbing expert who also doubles as a filmmaker. He recently climbed what is known as The Eaglet in New Hampshire. It is a 2,422-feet pillar that sticks out of Cannon Mountain.

Kane has been taking people along on the ride for several of his steep climbs across the northeast.

His videos are also educational, as well. Instead of just videotaping the ascend, Kane actually instructed his viewers on how he was able to safely get down and off the rock structure. In many ways, the descend can be just as challenging as the ascend. He even calls it the “scariest part”

Viewers get to see the lush green treetops that surround him on this difficult climb. His GoPro is set up to show off his skill for lodging tools in between rocks and sticking his hand in rocks while conquering the steepest part of the rock.

Noah Kane has conquered other rock structures as well, including both the Deer Leap in Vermont and the Gunks in New York. He is making a documentary called “Climbing Giants,” which is how he got into the sport in the first place.

“I got into climbing through my documentary and film making. Me and my filming partner were forced to build our fitness and learn to keep up whilst filming, afterward we couldn’t stop,” Kane said, according to Daily Mail.

Kane has a YouTube channel where he shows off all his greatest adventures so far. This includes videos about gear and how to use it, overcoming a fear of heights, as well as epic climbs such as a strangler fig in Costa Rica.

Sports Climbing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

This year, the Olympics is including four all-new sports — karate, surfing, skateboarding, and sports climbing.

Sports climbing is debuting with three different disciplines — speed, bouldering, and lead. Each competitor will take their chances in all three competitions. Then, the final rankings are determined by multiplying the placement in each discipline.

Competitors will use safety ropes in some disciplines, but no other equipment is allowed except for some very strong bare hands and stellar shoes. Sports climbing will start on August 3 and 4 for men with qualifying rounds. The qualifying round for women is August 4. The finals are on August 5 and 6.

Many are excited to see Adam Ondra from the Czech Republic. He is currently considered the greatest climber in the world.

Rock climbing has drastically increased in popularity over the last few years. Proof of that is the upcoming HBO Max series called “The Climb” that will feature Hollywood icon Jason Momoa and professional rock climber Chris Sharma.

According to Deadline, the show will focus on “a rigorous series of mental and physical challenges, utilizing the most intimidating ascents in the world to crown the world’s best amateur climber.”