WATCH: Baby Elephant Has the Time of His Life Chasing Birds in Amazing Video

by Amy Myers

This baby elephant could be straight out of a Disney movie. Little Wan Mai and her mother Mae Mai are residents at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Wan Mai’s name translates to New Day or New Beginning. Rescued from a riding farm, Wan Mai was a premature, tiny baby when she arrived at the rescue and rehabilitation center. Now one year old, she showed her keepers just how playful of a spirit she has.

The Elephant Nature Park posted an adorable video of the baby animal having a grand ole time playing in a sodden field. With all of the puddles in the grass, she had plenty of feathered visitors to chase. While following the birds around, she made little chirps and squeaks of pure delight, her tail waving behind her. Meanwhile, Mae Mai, the mother, was probably getting some much-deserved sleep in the shade.

Watch the video below to see the baby elephant play in the puddles.

Mother and Baby Elephants Demonstrate Generous Nature of Herd

As seen in the Elephant Nature Park’s latest video, baby Wan Mai doesn’t live alone – she shares the fields with plenty of other elephants and animals native to Thailand. Unlike other species that tend to keep to themselves, elephants tend to be pretty social. Wan Mai and other baby elephants have been especially friendly and welcoming toward one another when a new calf enters the park. And, from how the mothers interact with each other and younger members of the herd, they seem to be equally as social as they are generous.

Wan Mai is still young enough that she still gets breastmilk from her mother. Now that she and her mother live at the rehabilitation center, both Mae Mai and Wan Mai can get the nutrients they need to grow and continue to be strong and healthy. However, sometimes, Wan Mai doesn’t feed from her mother. Instead, she’ll turn to another nursing elephant in the herd. The mother elephant will gladly accept baby Wan Mai as her own, just as Mae Mai would do for another calf in the herd.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Elephant Nature Park shared a sweet moment when Wan Mai drank from a different mother named Kham Moon, who has her own baby, Pyi Mai. Meanwhile, Pyi Mai drank from Wan Mai’s mother, Mae Mai. The interaction demonstrated just how willing elephants within the same herd are willing to care for each other when in need. It also showed how happy and healthy the elephants are under the care of the park.

“The living herd is remarkable,” the park wrote in the post. “Love is tangible, caring and kindness in the common breath.”

Clearly, there is much we can still learn from these beautiful creatures.