WATCH: Bald Eagle Hunts, Eats Seagull on Golf Course

by Jon D. B.

This bald eagle just brought nature back to a Canadian golf course. Watch as the majestic North American raptor takes a seagull in flight, then straight to dinner.

It’s heard in their voices: none of these golfers expected to see this kind of birdie action on the links. One Vancouver putter took a break from his Point Grey Gold & Country Club game to catch it all on film.

A truly wild capture, his footage shows a brazen bald eagle in hot pursuit of a large seagull. And it doesn’t end happily for the seabird, either. In a matter of seconds, the huge bird of prey swoops upward into the gull’s flight path and latches onto it with it’s enormous talons.

Finishing the job, the eagle slams his prey down onto the fairway green. Dinner time in Vancouver, boys.

The most remarks from onlookers, however, come when the baldie decides to carry his meal away. As the footage shows, this is no small seagull. While most large birds are still far lighter than we think due to their hollow bones and unique flight anatomy, it’s still an impressive sight to see.

One golfer remarks that this seagull weighs as much as a dog, however, which isn’t even remotely true. Not unless we’re talking a Chihuahua puppy – which could still weigh twice as much as a seagull, with a small chihuahua weighing 3 lbs. on average, and seagull species averaging little over 1 lb.

Bald Eagle vs Seagull: You Know Who Wins

Seagulls and other shorebirds make up a regular part of a bald eagle’s diet. Regardless, this footage – shared by TMZ Friday – serves as a shocking reminder of how brutal nature is by law.

By comparison to the seagull, the bald eagle has a huge upper hand when it comes to size. For one, this large species weighs four times a seagull on average – with the smaller males weighing as much as 10 lbs, and females weighing up to 14 lbs. To top it off, these powerful birds of prey can have a staggering 8 foot (244 cm) wingspan.

As such, a far more formidable opponent would be a great horned owl, right? This recent footage of a bald eagle fighting a great horned owl certainly suggests as much.

The great horned owl is one of the largest owl species on the planet. Their wingspan can touch five feet (152 cm) in length in extreme cases, while large females can stand two feet in height (60 cm). Given their height and unusual girth for an owl (around 4lbs), these apex predators will even prey on other large raptors, with other owls and hawks making up a portion of their diet.

While the great horned owl may be able to take his eagle foe by complete surprise in the dead of night, it’s unlikely he’d be able to overpower a bald eagle unless he manages a miraculous kill-on-contact.