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WATCH: Bald Eagle Skates Across Frozen Lake in Hilariously Epic Video

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

What could possibly be more majestic than a bald eagle ice skating on Lake Winnipesaukee ice? A decidedly more graceful bald eagle ice skating on Lake Winnipesaukee…

Absolutely no disrespect is meant to this beautiful bird. He simply wasn’t built for skating. But just like any champion – that’s not stopping him. Not in the least.

In his pursuit of a cold fish fillet, the bird of prey made an iconic New Hampshire lake his own. Giant talons and all, he took to the frozen surface of Lake Winnipesaukee for some good ol’ fashioned ice skating. State resident Matthew Moore captured the raptor’s routine, which quickly went viral after local news station WYFF News 4 reposted a version from NH station WMUR-TV.

“What a great shot of a bald eagle this local New Hampshire member saw while fishing in Lake Winnipesaukee! 🦅 | 📷: Matthew Moore,” WMUR shares on their Facebook.

Watch below as the large predator gives chase to his prey by taking to the ice. Perhaps a bit hesitant at first, once he gets the feel for it – the true magic begins. What unfolds is a genuinely intriguing – and brilliantly entertaining – bout of bald eagle behavior. I’m not sure about my fellow wildlife technicians, but this is certainly an attribute I’ve never witnessed in this majestic species. Hopefully this won’t be the last time.

There’s even a bit of true gliding – dare it be called ice skating – once the feathered fellow really finds his groove:

“I give it a 10,” one Facebook commenter replies to WMUR. “That’s on the old way of scoring a skate routine.”

“Why fly when I can skate!!” another lauds of the brave bald eagle.

Coast to Coast: Bald Eagles Retake America

Whether its in New England or across the continent in California’s Big Bear, the bald eagle is making a resplendent resurgence in America. It’s a triumphant tale, one that marks a true success story for U.S. conservationists.

While they may not ice skate, California’s famous bald eagle couple Jackie & Shadow are doing the heavy lifting when it comes to the survival of their species. We previously reported on the pair as they protected their fourth egg – after a string of tragic losses.

Indeed, 2020 and 2021 have been rough – especially for Jackie & Shadow. The mating pair lost not one or two, but three eggs in January 2021, dashing their hopes for offspring time and again.

 The monogamous nature of the species, however, means these two will continue to try together until they stick the landing. Or hatch a chick or three, rather. Bald eagles mate for life, and pairs like Jackie & Shadow will not part unless the other dies.

In addition, their nests are built as true homes, just like ours. Most mating pairs will return to their same nest year after year so long as it remains standing. And considering it takes up to 40 days for a single bald eagle egg to hatch, they’ll need their nest for no short period of time.

We can only hope that New Hampshire’s semi-graceful fellow finds a mate-for-life of his own, as well.